Archive for December 2nd, 2012 and Updates and Additions – December 2, 2012 Australia Australia, Tasmania, Miscellaneous Records, 1829-1961 Canada British Columbia, Dominion Land Branch Records, 1885-1949 British Columbia, Estate Files, 1859-1949 Nova Scotia, Antigonish Catholic Diocese, 1823-1905 Czech Republic Czech Republic, Land Records, 1450-1889 England England, Northumberland, Miscellaneous Records,1570-2005 Germany Germany, Hesse-Nassau, Civil Registers and Church Books, 1701-1875 Germany, Prussia, Pomerania Church Records, 1544-1945 India India, […]

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Christine Blythe
Empty Nest Genealogy
Chilliwack , British Columbia , V2P 5B9 Canada
genealogy, ancestry, family tree, research, transcriptions, sources, images, data

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