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Transcription: Marriage Certificate and Register for William Beaver and Mary Elizabeth Fougère


Transcription: Marriage Certificate and Register for William Beaver and Mary Elizabeth Fougère.

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Beaver, William & Fougère, Mary Elizabeth; Marriage documents.

Marriage License of William Beaver and Mary Fourgere
No. 440

Province of Nova Scotia
Marriage License

M.B. Daly
Lt. Govn

(Right Margin) –
Malachy Bowes Daly, Esquire
Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia,
&c., &c., &c.

    Whereas, William Beaver Farmer and Mary Fourgere have determined to enter into the holy estate of Matrimony, and are desirous of having their Marriage publicly solemnized : in order that such their honest desires may the more speedily have due effect, and that they may be able to procure the same to be lawfully solemnized without publication of banns, I do hereby, for good causes, give and grant this License and Faculty, as well to them the said parties contracting, as to all or every Minister or Clergyman resident in the Dominion of Canada and duly ordained or appointed according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church or Denomination to which he belongs, to solemnize and perform the same : Provide always, that by reason of any Affinity, Consanguinity, Prior Marriage, or any other lawful cause, there be no legal impediment in this behalf ; otherwise if any fraud shall appear to thave been committed at the time of granting this License, either by false suggestions, or concealment of the truth, that then this License shall be null and void to all interests and purposes whatsoever.

Given under my hand and Seal at Arms, at St. Peters
this Second day of October
in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninetynine and in the sixteenth year of Her Majesty’s Command.

Issued this Second day of October 1899


R. G. Morrison
Issuer of Marriage Licenses at St. Peters
In the County of Richmond

E. C. Marbank (signature)
Deputy Provincial Secretary



Beaver, William & Fougère, Mary Elizabeth; Marriage documents.

Oct. 2, 1899
No. 440, Oct. 2nd 1899
William Beaver
Annie Fourgère



Beaver, William & Fougère, Mary Elizabeth (a)

Province of Nova Scotia


Date of Marriage:  Monday, October 2nd, 1899.
Place of Marriage:  R.C. Church, River Bourgeois.
County:  Richmond Co., N.S.
How Married:  by license or banns:  License
Date of Publication, if by Banns:

Full Name of GROOM:  William Beaver.
His Age:  33 yrs.
Condition (Bachelor or widower):  Widower
Occupation:  Farmer
Residence:  St. Peter’s Lake, C.B.
Where Born: St. Peter’s Lake, C.B.
Parents’ Names:  Edward Beaver, Mary McKay.
Parents’ Occupation:  Fisherman.

Full Name of BRIDE:  Mary Elizabeth Fougère.

Age:  22 yrs.
Condistion (Spinster or Widow):  Spinster
Her Place of Residence:  River Bourgeois
Where Born:  River Bourgeois
Parents’ Names:  Chas. Fougère & Alice Landry

Parents’ Occupation:  Fishing

Witness Names: Michael McDonald, M. Cameron X (his mark), Felicity Burke, Maggie X (her mark) [13 ????]

Signature of parties Married:
William Beaver
Mary Eliz. Fougère X (her mark)

Officiating Clergyman:  A. M. O’Handley, P.P.
Denomination of Clergyman:  Roman Catholic


I Certify, That the marriage of the persons above named was duly celebrated by me at the time and place and in the manner stated in this register.
A. M. O’Handley, P.P.
Officiating Clergyman


When a marriage is celebrated by License, this register, filled up and signed by the officiating clergyman, must be returned, with the License, to the Issuer from whom the said License was obtained, and the Issuer will pay to the clergyman 25 cents for both Register and License, not 25 cents for each. When the marriage is celebrated by banns, the Register is to be filled up, signed and returned by the officiating clergyman without unnecessary delay to the nearest Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licenses, who is authorized to pay him 25 cents for each Register so returned — the Deputy Issuer repaying himself from License money in his hands — and including amount so paid in his Quarterly Returns. Clergymen may obtain Marriage Registers from Deputy Issuer.
Issuers must return all Licenses, Affidavits and Registers to the Provincial Secretary’s Office, with their Quarterly Accounts.



Beaver, William & Fougère, Mary Elizabeth; Marriage documents.

Back of Certificate
I hereby Certify, that the within named persons, William Beaver of St. Peter’s, C.B. and Mary E. Fougère of River Bourgeois, C.B. were married under the within License, at River Bourgeois on the Second day of October 1899, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church
By me,
A. M. O’Handley, P.P.
River Bourgeois, C.B.
In presence of
Michael McDonald
Malcolm Cameron, x Others.



Beaver, William & Fougère, Mary Elizabeth; Marriage documents.

Form of Affidavit

I, William Beaver of St. Peter’s in the County of Richmond

Farmer make oath and say as follows:

I, and Mary Fourchere of Riviere Bourgeois in the County of Richmond

…………………………. are desirous of entering into the contract of marriage, and of having our marriage solemnized at River Bourgeois in the

Name of Clergyman
County of Richmond by the Reverend A. M. O’hanley.

Or the said — is of the age of — years or over.
I am of the age of thirty three years, and the said Mary Fourchere is of the full age of         twenty-one years & over.

Bachelor or widower; spinster or widow, as the case may be.
I am a Widower and the said Mary Fourchere is a spinster.
If either party is under 21 years add here the name of the father, mother or guardian of such party.
————– of —— in the County of ———————————
whose consent to such marriage is required, has consented thereto —————————————————-
In writing or verbally before me, and if in writing, such writing to be attached to the license;
If no person exists whose consent is required by law.
Person under requisite age.
The father and mother of ———————- are dead or absent from the Province, and no guardian has been appointed for
Him or her.
Sworn to at St. Peter’s in the
County of Richmond
this Second
day of October 1899,
Before me,
R G Morrison
Issuer of Marriage License.



Beaver, William & Fougère, Mary Elizabeth; Marriage documents.

Richmond – 1899
Beaver, William
Fougère, Mary E.


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