Helpful Information prunes their tree to promote growth.

<a prunes their tree” width=”248″ height=”331″ />I have been an active subscriber of off and on for a number of years and find their service invaluable.

As a matter of fact, I’d be extremely surprised to find one person who hasn’t heard of .

In the past few years, has seen unprecedented growth in a number of areas, but as with that mature tree in our yard, with branches shooting off everywhere, this has adversely affected the health and growth of the remaining tree.

Although they have worked hard promoting their many products, they have announced the decision to prune some of those branches to encourage health and growth in the rooted core of the tree.

The result of this pruning is the retirement of MyFamily, MyCanvas, Mundia and the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests.

The AncestryDNA (autosomal) test will not be affected by this change and will continue to be available. Only the y-DNA and mtDNA tests will be discontinued. As of September 5, 2014, these services will no longer be available.

Considering the fact that as long as I have been a knowledgeable subscriber and user, I have never even heard of the majority of the subject service, underlining the fact that they may be making the right decision.

One other of ‘s services,, will be the exception to the rule as it continues to operate in a new form.

All active members or subscribers to these services will be notified with details of the transition of information created with these services.

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