Archeological dig at Old Salem uncovers first building erected in Salem. | Winston-Salem Journal

Salem farm house archaeological dig.

“Almost 250 years ago, in frigid February weather, eight craftsmen made the trek from settlements at Bethania and Bethabara to what would soon be known as Salem. Along the way they shot two deer and, seeking sanctuary at the Builder’s House — the first building erected in Salem —cooked it over the roaring indoor fireplace. …

Native Americans came from Australasia not Siberia: Scientists | Zee News

indigenous people in Australasia

“Debunking the latest discovery claiming that the first people to reach the Americas came from Siberia, now in Russia, around 23,000 years ago, new research proposes that native Americans living in the Amazon bear an unexpected genetic connection to indigenous people in Australasia. The new discovery suggests a previously unknown wave of migration to the …

For history buffs, Civil War era homes for sale | WSJ

Civil War era homes selling.

“On most days, Sherry Grim lives in an 1817 Colonial-style home outside of Gettysburg, Pa., with her husband, Mark. On some days, however, she lives there with Mark’s alter ego, Civil War Maj. Gen. John Hartranft. About 10 times a year, Mr. Grim, a 63-year-old retired Marine Corps officer, dons Union military regalia to host … and Updates and Additions to 22 Jul 2015. and Additions and Updates. and Updates and Additions to 22 Jul 2015. Updates and Additions.   Canada Ontario Deaths, 1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947 Denmark Denmark Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928 France France, Haute-Garonne, Toulouse, Censuses, 1872 and 1886 Jamaica Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999 Japan Japan Passenger Lists, 1893-1941 Mexico Mexico Baptisms, 1560-1950 Mexico Deaths, 1680-1940 …

Transcription: Last Will and Testament of Johannis Blythe of 1605.

1605 Will of Johannis Blythe

The following is my transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Johannis Blythe of 1605. By looking at the number of question marks in the texts it’s apparent how difficult transcribing from ‘ye olde Englishe’ is. Any input as to the missing text would be appreciated.   ____________________   The seventh daie of November … Welcomes AncestryHealth To The Family | TechCrunch

Genetics of health.

“Family history site Ancestry launched a new generational health database called AncestryHealth today. The news comes right as AncestryDNA – Ancestry’s genetics site that connects those on the platform with distant relatives – announced it now has genotyped more than a million customers. launched in the early 80’s and went public in 2009. It …

One week. 100,000 online volunteers. Time to “Fuel the Find!” | FamilySearch

Genealogy indexing.

A record-setting 100,000 online volunteers are expected to participate in the second annual Worldwide Indexing Event, facilitating millions of discoveries for eager family history researchers. Scheduled for August 7–14, the event will show how anyone with a computer and Internet connection can help “Fuel the Find” by making information from historical documents easily searchable online. …