After 18 months 'hard labor' updating, cleaning, and attaching missing sources we have this newly updated database. If you've checked the old database out, it would be well worth your while to look again. This is as close to 'error free' as possible. However, errors are still possible and please do let me know if you find any. Data is only as good as the quality of the sources.

In some cases, certain facts and conclusions can be disputed or debated by others, but I've made a point of digging as deep as I can and making my own conclusions - and have detailed them in the notes.

Happy genealogy hunting!


    January 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Thomas BLYTH   Marie MELANSON   Anne MELANSON   Paul DUGAS   Joe STICH   Mary CAROTHERS   Cadelon, I, Vicomte d'Aulnay   Ordoño, II, King of Asturias a...   Peter, I, Tsar of Bulgaria   Domnall MAC AEDH, High King of...   Roger, de Lacy, Lord Pontefrac...   Robert, I, Emperor of Constant...   Yolande, de Flandre   William, III, de Hastings   Edward, of Angoulême   John, de Holand, Duke of Exete...   William LONGESPEE, III, Earl o...   Joan MORAY, of Drumsagard   Ferquhard MACTAGGART, Earl of ...   Maud, de Beauchamp   John, de Vere, Earl of Oxford   Richard BASSET   Robert CORBET, of Moreton Corb...   Hugh AP CADWALADR AP RHYS   Joseph RICHARDSON   Thomas EVANS   Margaret EDWARD   Mary WILLIAMS   Abraham TUNIS   Nathan THOMAS   Abel S. THOMAS   James STEWART, Duke of Ross   Janet KENNEDY   Elizabeth RICHARDSON   Demetrios Komnenos Dukas ANGEL...   Archibald DOUGLAS, VI, Earl of...   Ursule BOURG   Laurent BOURG   MIldred SPENCE   Marie Josephte CORBEIL DIT TRA...   Flore LABELLE   Roméo LABELLE   Joseph Antime PITRE   James STEWART, Earl of Buchan   Robert STEWART   John STEWART, Lord Innermeath   Eystein EYSTEINSSON   Elizabeth HALYBURTON   Mifflin MORRIS   Elizabeth Hill FOX   Lolo SOETORO   Gerberga, of the Lombards   Rodolphe, de Thoire   Petronille, de Bar-sur-Seine   Hannah OWEN   William DUER   Samuel CUTHBERT   Nathaniel LEWIS   Fulco, du Maine   Bruno   Susanna JACQUES   Alexandre BABINEAU   Rowland MORGAN, of Risca   Louis, Comte de Roussillon et ...   Robert   Sancha PËREZ, de Traba   María PÉREZ   Pedro MANRIQUE, Conde de Lara,...   Diego ÁLVAREZ, Conde, Señor de...   Pedro MARTÍNEZ   Eilo ÁLVAREZ   Dagobert   Anseric, III, Seigneur de Mont...   Jean   Pierre, de Lusignan   Griffin DE SUTTON   Robert CORBET   Henry BRENT   Joan BASSET   Egeline BASSET   Alice BASSET   John LE BRUN   Gemma DE CAPUA   George William SCOTT   Fannie M. BLYTHE   Hannah (H. or S.) BLYTHE   William K. SHELBY   Edmund STEELY   William WALLACE   Anne BOLEYN, Queen of England,...   Thomas BEAUFORT, 1st Duke of E...   Alfonso, de Castilla y León   John EVANS   Eleanor Humphrey BOWEN   Laura GUY   Lowry JONES   Amos DAVIS   Andrew STEWART, Lord Avandale   Dosithée MELANSON   Francine LAGROIS   Bertha LABELLE   Charlotte Marie PAQUETTE   Joseph Marie PAQUETTE   Paméla DE REPENTIGNY   Emile LABELLE   Blanche LABELLE   Philomène CLÉMENT DIT PROULX   Philippe LABELLE   Edouard LABELLE   Mélina PRUD'HOMME   Blanche Hélène GODARD   Octave BEAUCHAMP   Calixte BEAUCHAMP   Victoria BEAUCHAMP   Hormidas LABELLE   Polodore LABELLE   Michel Joseph LABELLE   Albert LABELLE   Aldège LABELLE   Théodule LABELLE   Charles Henri LABELLE   Aurèle PERREAULT   Mario TURMEL   Francine TARDIF   Daniel WILLIAMS   Emma   Theodore BUSSE   Emil BUSSE   Edward Von Swartzbreck HANCOCK   Amelia Mixsell HANCOCK   John Henry JAQUES   Angelique BRYMER   Catherine MORVAN   Cyprien DUPUIS   Jean LANDRY   Almeda FREEMAN   Mabel GANSKE   Charles   Harriet Jane MEEK   Mary Elizabeth GUTHRIE   Honoré BABINEAU   Joseph Alse BABINEAU   André BABINEAU   Julien BABINEAU   Julien BABINEAU   Pierre Clémile BABINEAU   Gertie BUSSE   Pauline TONNE   Tillie J. HARRY   BIDDLE   Kunigunde   Elizabeth THIBODEAU   Isabella THWAITES   Ruth JACOBS   Florence DOWE   Ruth HALL   Seth Newell DOTY   Mary BOLLING   Thomas Boyd SHELBY / Nancy Hay...   Philip, V, King of France / Je...   Manuel KOMNENOS, I, Byzantine ...   Charles MARTEL, of Sicily, Pri...   dom Afonso HENRIQUEZ / Mathild...   Guillaume, I, de Normandie, Co...   Heinrich, Duke of Celle, Pfalz...   Gauthier, III, Seigneur d'Engh...   Sir William, de Mortimer, Lord...   Thomas DE VENUZ / Isabella BAS...   Samuel GRAVES / Sydney WYNNE   Joseph LEES / Alice TUNIS   Rowland ROBERTS / Mary PUGH   Raymond, VI, Comte de Toulouse...   Raimond, VII, Comte de Toulous...   Infante don Pedro, I, de Aragó...   Thomas PALAIOLOGOS, Duke of Ac...   Ivan Asen, II, Tsar of the Bul...   Otto, von Niederbayern, King o...   Istvan, Duke in Hungary / Marg...   John, de Southeray / Maud, de ...   Louis, II, de Bourbon, Duc de ...   Benedict Leonard CALVERT / Cha...   Werner VON NORDMARK, Markgraf ...   Timothy STANLEY / Elizabeth MO...   Joseph BABINEAU / Céleste COME...   Don Louis BABINEAU / Emeranthe...   Sir William CECIL, Earl of Exe...   Philibert, I, Duc de Savoie / ...   Eudes, VI, Seigneur de Grancey...   Isaiah SHINN / Elizabeth JENKS