After 18 months 'hard labor' updating, cleaning, and attaching missing sources we have this newly updated database. If you've checked the old database out, it would be well worth your while to look again. This is as close to 'error free' as possible. However, errors are still possible and please do let me know if you find any. Data is only as good as the quality of the sources.

In some cases, certain facts and conclusions can be disputed or debated by others, but I've made a point of digging as deep as I can and making my own conclusions - and have detailed them in the notes.

Happy genealogy hunting!


    February 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Marie-Gervaise FOUGÈRE   Charles Erwin BLYTHE   Ervin Vain THORNTON   Charles Constantine, Comte de ...   Adalbert, Graf von Metz   Ælflaed, of Deira   Bohemond, II, Prince of Antioc...   Hugues, XI, Sire de Lusignan, ...   John, of Gaunt, Duke of Lancas...   William, de Stanley   Guillaume, de Mello, Seigneur ...   Joanna MARTIN   Catherine NEVILLE   William DE FERRERS, Baron Ferr...   Eleanor POYNINGS   Margaret, de Lungvillers   Anne SEYMOUR   Griffith GRIFFITH   Agnes STEWART   Joseph HESTON   Nathaniel Joseph ROBERTS   Amaury, de Montfort, Canon of ...   Eustache, Seigneur de Breteuil...   Konstantinos KAMYTZES   Suleyman, Sultan   Isabel, of Chilham   David LINDSAY, Baron of Crawfo...   Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxim...   Engelberga, de Provence   Morgan Gam AP MORGAN, Lord of ...   Gaitelgrima, di Salerno   Margaret, le Strange   Victoire CORMIER   Domithilde THÉRIOT   Françoise BEAUCHAMP   Godfroid LABELLE   Jean, VI, Comte de Vendôme   James DOUGLAS, Master of Angus   Wulfnoth GODWINSON   Humbert, II, Seigneur de Salin...   Erard, d'Arcis-sur-Aube   Cæcilie   Lyle Victor KEEFER   Mary Eula KEEFER   Eva Irene PORTER   Gilbert SAMSON   Hubert   Richard   Gilbert   Haakon, II, King of Norway   Mabilia PALLAVICINI   Mary BITFIELD   Bitfield PLUMER   JAQUES   BABINEAU   BABINEAU   Rodrigo GARCÉS, de Navarra   Ivan Vladislav, Tsar of the Bu...   Robert, de Clermont   John CHAMBERLAYNE   Rodrigo GARCÍA   Beatrix, de Béziers   Leonor, d'Aragón   Aimon, I, Seigneur de Bourbon   Gerard, de Bourbon   Iziaslav IAAROSLAVICH, Prince ...   Philippe, I, de Crépy, Seigneu...   Isabella THWAITES   Grace PIERPOINT   Henry TALBOT   Jane E LEWIS   Renaud DE PICQUIGNY   Alexandre DE MONTAGU, Seigneur...   Adelfer   Potelfrit   Jordan, Prince of Capua   Stanley C. BARRICK   George Boardman MATHER   Juliane DE RUMIGNY   Eleanor MORTIMER   James MELANSON   Carl E. LINDSTROM   Adina Dina LINDSTROM   Joseph Richard TURMEL   Olive F. THORNTON   Jas (James) G. JONES   Alexios KOMNENOS   Agnes CROPHULL   Samuel HUMPHREY   Joan   John EVANS   Gwen JONES   Ormes EDWARDS   Jane GEORGE   Sarah JONES   Emily FOULKE   George MORGAN   Bertha Agnes FOULKE   Frances J. COOK   Sarah ROBERTS   Manuel KOMNENOS   Maria KOMNENE   Edmund, Duke of Somerset   Henry DE BLOIS, Bishop of Winc...   Jean-Aubin MIGNOT   Euclide LABELLE   François LABELLE   Léon LABELLE   Flore LABELLE   Raoul LABELLE   Elizabeth LABELLE   Marie Rose LABELLE   Zotique LABELLE   Mathilde GUILBAULT   Arthur BEAUCHAMP   Henri BEAUCHAMP   Joseph LABELLE   Abraham LABELLE   Octave LABELLE   Napoléan LABELLE   Alexina LAROCQUE   Lucien LABELLE   Alphonse LABELLE   Mathilda FROEMLING   Konrad VON STAUFEN   Augustus CRONKHITE   Elizabeth JACQUES   Maude Cecil GUNTKRYLX   Paul BABINEAU   BABINEAU   Alcide BABINEAU   BABINEAU   Jeanne   Bessie WHITNEY   Fred Henry TONNE   Dorothea   Edward MORRIS   Irène CHALUT   Antoine PERREAULT   Henry STUART   Burwell Starke RANDOLPH   Timothy KIRK / Sarah WILLIAMS   Louis, I, Holy Roman Emperor /...   Robert , DE MONTGOMMERY, II, S...   Landolf, III, di Benevento, jo...   Ordoño, II, King of Asturias a...   Eustace, IV de Blois, Comte de...   Raoul, III, de Fougeres / Isab...   Eudes, III, de Bourgogne, Duc ...   Sir William, de Mortimer, Lord...   John DE BOHUN, Earl of Herefor...   David STEWART, Duke of Rothesa...   Eudes DE BOURGOGNE, Comte de N...   Pierre, Count of Alencon / Jea...   Sir Thomas DE HOO, Lord Hoo et...   Evan AP THOMAS / Dorothea EVAN...   William MORRIS / Rebecca CADWA...   Richard KENDERDINE / Sarah EVA...   Ralph LEWIS / Elizabeth WYNNE   Isaac KITE / Catharine TUNIS   Ranieri, di Monferrato / Maria...   Isaul DE BUONDELMONTI-ACCIAIUO...   Sir John STUART, Siegneur d'Au...   Jean, de Bourgogne de Bourbon,...   Guichard, II, Sire de Beaujeu ...   Jacques Clement SAMPSON / Mari...   Michel DUGAS / Elisabeth ROBIC...   Louis-Charles BABINEAU / Anne ...   Knud VALDEMARSEN, IV, King of ...   William Henry JAQUES / Sarah A...   Samuel TROTH / Ann DIXON   Henry Paschall LLOYD / Annabel...   Charles-Dominique BABINEAU / M...   Charles BABINEAU, III / Célest...   Louis, Comte de Roussillon et ...   Hiram SOUTHWICK / Elizabeth TE...   Otto VON BRANDENBURG, VI, Mark...   Archibald BOLLING / Jane RANDO...   Edward OSBORNE / Elizabeth EPP...