After 18 months 'hard labor' updating, cleaning, and attaching missing sources we have this newly updated database. If you've checked the old database out, it would be well worth your while to look again. This is as close to 'error free' as possible. However, errors are still possible and please do let me know if you find any. Data is only as good as the quality of the sources.

In some cases, certain facts and conclusions can be disputed or debated by others, but I've made a point of digging as deep as I can and making my own conclusions - and have detailed them in the notes.

Happy genealogy hunting!


    April 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
William P. MADARIA   Michel BOURG   Jennie M. BLYTHE   Joseph Bernard DUGAS, Sr.   Adam ALEXANDER   David H. SHELBY   William W SHELBY, I   Isaac Shelby NELSON   Thomas K. SHELBY   Jane OWEN (EVANS)   Anne PLANTAGENET, Countess of ...   John BEAUFORT, 1st Duke of Som...   Emma ERSKINE   Harriet ERSKINE   David Montagu ERSKINE   Gainor JONES   William LLOYD   Jonathan CHAPMAN   Sarah EVANS   Mary Carter CORSON   Hildegarde   Helene PALAIOLOGINA   Edward   Thomas GREY   Henry BEAUFORT, Earl of Somers...   Lucia SÉGUIN   Marie LAVALLÉE   Délia LABELLE   Isidore LABELLE   Napoléon LABELLE   Bertrand LABELLE   Charlotte Marie PAQUETTE   Gédéon GOHIER   Hormisdas LABELLE   Albertine LABELLE   Télesphore LABELLE   Martial LABELLE   Jean Bernard LABELLE   Candide LABELLE   Rosina LABELLE   Blanche LABELLE   Rose Anna LACHAPELLE DIT LANGL...   Omer LABELLE   Corona LABELLE   Angélique LABELLE   Germaine LABELLE   Marie Jeanne LABELLE   Napoléon BEAUCHAMP   Exélia BEAUCHAMP   Blanche Neige LABELLE   Damase LABELLE   Amandat   Jeanne LABELLE   Marie Domithilde VALIQUETTE   Marie Azilda LABELLE   Ernest LABELLE   Jean-Guy POULIOT   Lucina MERCIER   Bertha M. COMLY   Arthur STEWART, Duke of Albany   Meta FROEMLING   Henry W. BUSSE   Gertrude BUSSE   John NORRIS   Angelique MARTEL   Elizabeth COMEAU   Clay Vinton KEEFER   Agnes COWPLAND   Howard ROBERTS   Richard H. DAY   Michel CHALUT   Emily SOUTHALL   Charles BABINEAU, III   BABINEAU   BABINEAU   Anne, de France   Sarah FOULKE   Maurice, de Berkeley, Lord Ber...   Fred BUSSE   Alethia B BELLIS   John DE ARDERNE   Alonzo Beckwith COON   Mary Eliza JORDAN   Catherine DE BOURGOGNE   William SMITH   John ARTHINGTON   Jane CONYERS   Jane HEWICK   Evan SHELBY   Gruffydd AP RHYS, Prince of Dy...   Gwladus FERCH RHIWALLON   Richard FITZGILBERT, de Brionn...   Richard ENGAINE, III   Ida DE LOUVAIN   Agnes, de France   Eléonore, de Châtellerault   Sophie, de Montbéliard   Walter DEVEREUX, of Bodenham a...   Maud, de Lacy   Matilda FITZJOHN   John POYTHRESS   Isabella   Beatrice, de Stafford   Alice, de Montagu, Countess of...   William DE MONTCHENSY, II   Joan FITZ PAYN   Elizabeth LE DESPENCER   Vincent JOHNSON   John ROBERTS   Isaac WYNNE   Peter EVANS   Margaret   Thomas Marion FOULKE   Mary Willis ALLENSWORTH   Lemuel STEBBINS   Elizabeth CAREY   Joan   Alix, de Joinville, Dame de Be...   Edward   William FITZ ALAN   Marcus Antonius Gordanus Sempr...   Adela, de Flandres   Renaud, I, Comte de Soissons   Arnulf, de Marseille   Guillaume, de Courtenay   François LANDRY   Étienne LEBLANC   Anne BOURGEOIS   Rébecca LAPOINTE   Charles LABELLE   Hector DUCHARME   Mary DACRE   Yolande, d'Hainaut, de Nesle   James STEWART, Dyke of Rothesa...   Arthur STEWART, Duke of Albany   William RAMSAY, Colluthie   Edmund PERSHALL, of Bromley, K...   Lillie Moffit BROWN   Charles CALVERT   Helvise, de Nevers   Arnoul   Emmeline, de Broyes   Guillaume   Samuell THORN   Constanza VON HOHENSTAUFEN   Guiscarde, Vicomtesse de Béarn   Adalbero   Boso   Geoffroy   Clemence DE CHESNEY   Hugh D'ESSEX   Timothy STANLEY   BABINEAU   BABINEAU   Joseph BABINEAU   Agnes, de France   Milon   Beatrix, de Vienne   Hugues, Seigneur d'Antigny   Vsevolod MSTISLAVICH, Prince o...   Bouchard, I   Marguerite   Anne Marie PINET   Roger THORNES   Miles CORBET, of Lincoln's Inn   John CLIFFORD, Baron Clifford   Renaud, Seigneur de Pougy   Landolf   Landelaicha   Sichelgarda   Geoffroy DE MEDUANA   Aimery DE ROCHECHOUART, XI, Vi...   Huneric, King of the Vandals /...   Hugues, de Troyes, Comte de Vi...   Pietro, King of Hungary / Judi...   Baudoin, V, Comte d'Hainault; ...   Hamelin D'ANJOU, de Warenne, E...   Aymar, Comte d’Angoulême / Ali...   Edmund, Earl of Lancaster / Av...   Guy, de Lusignan, King of Jeru...   Hugues, de Châtillon, Count de...   Geoffrey, V, Vicomte de Châtea...   Louis, de France, Duc d'Orlean...   Thomas SEYMOUR, 1st Baron Sude...   Robert, de Clifford, Lord de C...   Sir Nicholas SAINT MAUR / Elle...   Herbert THOMAS / Mary HAVARD   William LIGHTFOOT / Jane GEORG...   James BUTLER, 5th Earl of Ormo...   Artabasdos, Byzantine Co-Emper...   Charles, d'Evreux / doña Maria...   Jean, I, Comte de Dreux / Mari...   Morris EARLE / Anne Morrison C...   Robert, V, Comte de Dreux et d...   Diepold, III, Markgraf von Voh...   Rudolf, III, King of Burgundy ...   Renaud DE DAMMARTIN / Ida DE F...   Julien BABINEAU / Marie Christ...   Nathaniel WHITNEY / Sarah HAGA...   Alan Henry BELLINGHAM / Lelgar...   Mathieu DE ROYE, Seigneur de l...