Dietrich, II Count of Holland

Male Abt 930 - 988  (~ 58 years)

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  • Name Dietrich  
    Suffix II Count of Holland 
    Born Abt 920 OR 930  Ghent, Flandres, Normandie, France Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender Male 
    Died 6 May 988  [1
    Buried Aft 6 May 988  Egmond, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
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    Father Dietrich, I Count of Holland,   b. Abt 870, Friesland, Niedersachen, Germany Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 6 Oct 928, Ghent, Flandres, Normandie, France Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 58 years) 
    Mother Geva 
    Family ID F2072  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Hildegard, de Flandres,   b. Bef 933,   d. 10 Apr 990  (Age > 57 years) 
    Married Between 940 and 945  [1
     1. Egbert,   d. 8 Dec 993 OR 9 Dec 993
     2. Arnulf, I Count of Holland Comte de Ghent,   b. Abt 950 OR 955, Ghent, Flandres, Normandie, France Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 18 Sep 993, Winkel, WeSt. Friesland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 38 years)
     3. Herlinde
    Last Modified 20 Feb 2019 
    Family ID F2065  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • DIRK [920/30]-Egmond 6 May 988, buried Egmond). The Annales Egmundan i name "Theodericus secundus comes filius Theoderici primi". The Chro nologia Johannes de Beke records that "Theodricus… secundus Hollandi e comes" was the only son of "Theodricus primus Hollandie comes" and h is wife. His birth date range is calculated from his own estimated ma rriage date and the estimated dates of birth of his descendants. "Dom inus Theodericus comes… cum… coniuge sua… Geva" donated property "in v illa Franla… in villa Allecmere… in villa Callinge" to the church of E gmond, and "dominus Theodericus junior filius prefati Theoderici" exch anged property "in orientali parte fluminis… Fle" for property "in vil la Nienthorp", by undated charter. He succeeded his father as DIRK I I Count of Holland, although the date is not known. "… Isaac comitis , Arnulfi filii eius, Theoderici comitis… " signed the charter date d 8 Jul 941 under which "Arnulfus… regis… marchysus" restored propert y to St. Pierre de Gand, although it is not known whether this charte r refers to Count Dirk I or Count Dirk II. "Theoderici comitis" subsc ribed charters dated 5 May [951/963], 29 Jul [955/64], 18 Oct 962, 2 8 Mar 967, 13 Apr 969 and 31 Jan 972. "… Baldwini advocati, Theoderic i comitis… " signed the charter dated 5 May 962 under which "Arnulfu s marchysus" donated property to St. Pierre de Gand. According to Nic holas, after the death of Arnoul I Count of Flanders in 964, Count Dir k occupied Gent and Waas, taking advantage of the weakness of the gove rnment of the county of Flanders during the minority of Count Arnoul I I. However, this may be speculation based on an interpretation of th e charter dated "DCCC[C]LXVIII[I] Id Apr… regnante domno Loth[ario] an no XV", under which "Loth[arius]… rex" granted property "forestum Was[ el]a" to "nostro fideli… Theoderico comiti" at the request of "coniun x nostra Hemma regina". As explained above, it is likely that this ch arter is spurious. On the other hand, the charter dated 28 Mar 965 un der which "Theodericus comes et Baldwinus cognomento Baldzo et Ericu s et Everwinus" donated property to St. Pierre de Gand, for the soul o f "senioris sui Arnulfi defuncti", demonstrates that Count Dirk playe d an active role in Gand after the death of Count Arnoul I. The chart ers dated 11 Apr 969 under which "Theodericus comes" donated "sui iuri s possessionem… Frilingim in pago Flandrensi" to St. Pierre de Gand, a nd 30 Sep 972 under which "Theodericus comes et uxor sua Hildegardis " donated "sui iuris sitam in pago Flandrensi… Clehiham" to St. Pierr e de Gand show that other parts of Flanders were included in Count Dir k´ s area of influence. "Thodericus… comes et Baduuinus et Ericus e t Eueruuinus" donated property "sui iuris possessionem… Vualehem… in c omitatum Custricense seu Tornacinse" to St. Pierre de Gand, in accorda nce with the wishes of "senioris mei Arnulfi defuncti", by charter dat ed 28 Mar 964. "Theoderico comite et Arnulfo filio eius, Folberto adv ocato… Ingelberto advocato… " signed the charter dated 26 Oct 970 unde r which "Mathelgodus et uxor sua Ingelswindis" donated "hereditatem su e possessionis in loco… Wessingim… Siringim… in pago Bracbantensi" t o St. Pierre de Gand. "Theodericus comes et uxor sua Hildegardis" don ated "in villa Haleftra in pago Mempesco sita" to St. Pierre de Gand b y charter dated 2 Oct 974, signed by "Arnulfo juniore marchyso, Ingelb erto advocato, Hecberto et Arnulfo filiis ipsius Theoderici… ". Egber t Archbishop of Trier donated property "de beneficio Luthardi comitis … mortuo sine herede" to St Paul at Trier by charter dated 981, subscr ibed by "Theoderici comitis… ". "Otto… rex" recognised the rights i n property "in comitatibus Masalant, Kinhem, Texla" of "fideli nostr o Theoderico comiti" by charter dated 25 Aug 985. This refers to th e area now known as the Hook of Holland, where Rotterdam was later bui lt, as far north as Gouda, Kennermerland near Haarlem, and the islan d of Texel in the north of Holland. "… Theoderico comite, Arnulfo com ite, Artoldo comite, Baldwino comite, item Arnulfo comite… " signed th e charter dated 1 Apr 988 under which "Baldwinus marchysus cum matre s ua Susanna" donated "villam Aflingehem… jacentem in pago Tornacinse" t o St. Pierre de Gand, after the death of "Arnulfi marchysi". The Anna les Egmundani record the death in 988 of "Theodericus II comes". Th e Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the death "988 II Non Mai" of " domino Theodricus secundus comes Hollandie" and his burial at Egmond m onastery. Beke's Egmondsch Necrologium records the death "988 pridi e Non Mai" of "Theodericus 2 comes". He married [945/50]) HILDEGARD , daughter of --- (before 933-10 Apr 990, bur Egmond). "Theodericus c omes et uxor sua Hildegardis" are named in a charter dated Oct [967/79 ]. "Theoderici et Hildegardis" subscribed a charter dated 30 Sep 975 , before "Arnulfi filii eorum [Theoderici et Hildegardis]". The Annal es Egmundani name "Hildegardis comitissa" as wife of "Theodericus come s secundus [Hollandensium]" but do not give her origin. "Theodericus … Holtlandensis comes… Florentii filius" recites the ownership histor y of properties claimed by the church of Utrecht in Holland, includin g the further construction of the church by "Theodericus secundus, pre dicti filius, cum Hildegarda coniuge sua", by spurious charter dated 2 6 Jul 1083, probably written in [1130]. According to Rö sch, she wa s Hildegard de Flandre, daughter of Arnoul I Count of Flanders, but h e cites no primary source on which this is based. Her naming her tw o sons Arnulf and Egbert suggests that the affiliation may be correct . Boer and Cordfunke refer to a 938 meeting, between Count Dirk I, Co unt Meginhard of Hamaland, and Count Arnulf I of Flanders and his wif e Adela, to arrange the betrothals of Hildegard of Flanders and Coun t Dirk II (son of Count Dirk I), and of her sister Liutgard and Wichma nn of Hamaland (son of Count Meginhard). The meeting is alleged to b e recorded in the Verbrü derungsbuch der Abtei Reichenau, but no trac e of this has been found in the copy consulted. According to Europä i sche Stammtafeln, Hildegard was the daughter of Count Arnoul & his wif e Adela de Vermandois and born in [934]. However, from a chronologica lly point of view it is more likely that Hildegard was born from an ea rlier unknown marriage of Count Arnoul, as explained in the document F LANDERS, assuming that she was Count Arnoul's daughter. The Chronolog ia Johannes de Beke records that Count Dirk II married "Hildegardim (u t creditor) filiam Ludovici regis Francie". This is chronologically i mpossible, assuming that the birth date of Arnoul Count of Holland i s correctly estimated as shown below, as Hildegard daughter of Louis I II King of France would have been too old for the marriage and any dau ghter of Louis IV King of France would have been too young. It is als o unlikely that the wife of Count Dirk II was Hildegard, daughter of C harles III "le Simple" King of France, whose birth date is estimated t o [908/12]. There therefore seems no possibility that the Chronologi a could even be partially correct in assigning this possible Carolingi an French origin to Dirk's wife, although it is curious how this origi n came to be included in the source. "Theodericus comes et uxor sua H ildegardis" donated "sui iuris sitam in pago Flandrensi… Clehiham" t o St. Pierre de Gand by charter dated 30 Sep 972. "Theodericus come s et uxor sua Hildegardis" donated "in villa Haleftra in pago Mempesc o sita" to St. Pierre de Gand by charter dated 2 Oct 974. The Chronol ogia Johannes de Beke records the death "III Id Apr" of "Hildegardis … sua conthoralis" and her burial at Egmond monastery. Beke's Egmonds ch Necrologium records the death "IV Id Apr" of "Hildegardis uxor [The oderici 2 comitis] filia Ludovici regis Francie". Europä ische Stammt afeln shows 990 as her year of death, but the primary source on whic h this is based has not yet been identified.

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