Swantopolk, I Herzog von Pommerellen

Male - 1266

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  • Name Swantopolk  
    Suffix I Herzog von Pommerellen 
    Gender Male 
    Died 10 Jan 1266  [1
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    Married Y  [1
     1. Hedwig VON POMMERELLEN,   b. 1211,   d. 15 Oct 1260  (Age 49 years)
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    Family 2 Salomea ROMANOVICH,   d. Bef Abt 1220 
    Married Bef 1220  [1
     1. Euphemia
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  • Notes 
    • SWANTOPOLK [I] -10 Jan 1266). "Mestwinus… princeps in Danzk" donate d "inter Radunam… et Stolpam… quatuor villas… Svcowia… Mislicyn… Svlis laue… Barcline" to Kloster Zuckau, with the consent of "filiorum meoru m… Swantopolco, Wartizlao, Samborio, Ratiborio… et uxoris nostre", b y charter dated 24 Apr 1209. "Swantopolcus princeps de Gdanizo" confi rmed the donations of "villam… Uscov… Bargneuiz… Puzk… Starin… tres vi llas… Cimeln, Tristitza… Uscov… " made by "pater meus" and by "bone me morie Samborius… mortuo Samborio frater pro fratre pater meus… Mistwi … pie memorie Sobezlaus filius Samborii… " to Kloster Oliva by charte r dated to [1220], witnessed by "Wartizlaus, Samborius et Ratiborius f ratres mei, mater mea Svinizlaua, uxor mea Eufrosina… ". "Ducum Lestc onis Polonie, Conradi Mazouie et Cuiavie, Henrici Zlesie, Zuetopolci e t Wratizlai principum Pomoranie… " sealed the charter dated 23 Jul 122 3 under which "Cristinus miles Martini filius de Chrosna" donated prop erty to Christian Bishop of Prussia. "Samborius de Liubesou et… Suuan topolcus de Gdanzk" donated property to Kloster Oliva, for the souls o f "fratris nostri Wartislaui… ", by charter dated 27 Dec 1229, subscri bed by "Ratiborius dux de Belgard… ". Herzog von Pommerellen. The An nales Colbazienses record the death "1267 IV Id Feb" of "Suantopolau s dux nobilis Pomeranorum". "Swantopolcus… dux Pomoranorum" confirme d donations to Kloster Oliva, made by "patris nostri domini Mistwi se u patrui nostri Samborii et filii eius Sobizlai sive etiam fratrum nos trorum Samborii et Raciborii", by charter dated 9 Aug 1235, witnesse d by "Mistwi filius meus… ". "Swantopolcus… dux Pomeranie" donated pr operty to Kloster Dargun, with the consent of "collateralis nostre Erm egardis ac… Mestwini et Wartislai filiorum nostrorum", by charter date d 5 Apr 1252 witnessed by "dux Rattiburius frater noster… ". The earl y 14th century Chronicon Terræ Prussiæ of Peter von Dusburg describe s the campaigns led by "Pomeranie dux… Swantepolcus filius iniquitati s et filius perdicionis" against the Teutonic Order in Prussia betwee n 1242 and 1246. The Chronicon Terræ Prussiæ of Peter von Dusburg r ecords the death in 1266 of "Swantepolcus dux Pomeranie" and the subse quent rebellion of "Mestowinus primogenitus eius" against the Teutoni c Order. [He married firstly SALOMEA Romanovich, daughter of ROMAN Ms tislavich Prince of Galich & his first wife Predslava Rurikovna -befor e [1220]). Baumgarten quotes an early secondary source which record s that "Swantipolk II Cassaborum et Henitorum in Pomerella Princeps" m arried "Salome fil. Romari Russi", suggesting that "Romari" is a corru ption of "Romani" and identifying her father as Roman of Galich whos e maternal grandmother was Salome von Berg, after whom her supposed gr eat-granddaughter would have been named. It is not certain that thi s was Swantopolk [I], but it seems likely from a chronological point o f view as daughters of Roman (by his first wife) would have been bor n in [1185/95].] m [firstly/secondly] (before 1225) EUPHROSYNE, daugh ter of --- -23 Aug 1235). Her marriage is confirmed by the charter da ted to [1220] under which her husband "Swantopolcus princeps de Gdaniz o" confirmed donations to Kloster Oliva, witnessed by "… uxor mea Eufr osina… ". He married [secondly/thirdly] ERMENGARDA von Schwerin, daug hter of HEINRICH I Graf von Schwerin & his wife Audacja of Kujavi a . "Swantopolcus… dux Pomeranie" donated property to Kloster Dargun , with the consent of "collateralis nostre Ermegardis ac… Mestwini e t Wartislai filiorum nostrorum", by charter dated 5 Apr 1252 witnesse d by "dux Rattiburius frater noster… ". 1270. Heiress of Schlawe.
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  • Sources 
    1. [S3514] Foundation for Medieval Genealogy online [http://fmg.ac].