Abenaki First Nation Ancestry

Abenaki First Nation Ancestry.

My Dad liked to tell tall tales and his stories were not to be believed – they even got us in trouble at school when repeating them. One story we heard more than once was that we were descended from an “Indian Princess.” I took this story the same as I had learned to do with all the others – with a huge grain of salt. Recently, however, I’ve come to learn that for once, he was telling the absolute truth – and that truth is even more astounding than he knew.

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Gummeson: A Swedish Ancestry

David Gummeson and Family

David Gummeson, born February 8, 1843, son of Gudmund Gumme Svensson and his wife Anna Olafsdotter, of Sweden, married Kristine “Christina” Nelson, born February 17, 1857, who was the daughter and second oldest of eight children of Peter Gustaf Nilsson and Johanna “Hanna Johansdotter”, both of Sweden.

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Melansons: A Haunted History

Melanson: A Haunted History.

In an email to my mother, my Uncle Paul said that he did not believe in ghosts. However, he has never found an explanation for the strange occurrences that happened while he lived at and remodeled my Grandmére's house after he moved into it upon her death in 1961.

As he put it in a recent email, "We never (saw) things like ghosts, shadows etc, but whenever I made changes to her house strange things would happen to let me know (she) wasn't very happy with what I was doing to her house."

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