After 18 months 'hard labor' updating, cleaning, and attaching missing sources we have this newly updated database. If you've checked the old database out, it would be well worth your while to look again. This is as close to 'error free' as possible. However, errors are still possible and please do let me know if you find any. Data is only as good as the quality of the sources.

In some cases, certain facts and conclusions can be disputed or debated by others, but I've made a point of digging as deep as I can and making my own conclusions - and have detailed them in the notes.

Happy genealogy hunting!

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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

England (3,606)
United States (2,859)
Canada (1,667)
France (1,132)
Wales (473)
Scotland (419)
Germany (231)
Ireland (192)
Italy (85)
Spain (81)
Netherlands (68)
l'Acadie (60)
United Kingdom (55)
USA (45)
Switzerland (40)
Belgium (39)
Sweden (38)
United States of America (34)
Bavaria (30)
Quebec (29)
Austria (28)
Norway (25)
New York (25)
Prussia (22)
British America (22)
Denmark (20)
British Colonial America (17)
Greece (15)
Portugal (15)
Newfoundland (14)
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