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Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 d'Oilly, le Sire d'Ouillie  Abt 1005Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I4120
2 Aelgigu of Leinster  Abt 935Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I3422
3 Allice de Dutton  1060Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5789
4 Ansfrid Onfror Vicomte d'Hiesmes  Abt 955Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5936
5 Aslen Lord of Swynnerton  Abt 1050Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I23542
6 Basilia  Abt 1017Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I24500
7 Cecilia de Normandie  Bef 1113Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I4232
8 Cecily de Rumilly  Abt 1095Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5713
9 Constance de Normandie  Between 1057 and 1061Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I22991
10 Emma de Bretagne, Countess de Bretagne  Abt 1010Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5790
11 Eustacia de Normandie  Abt 1088Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I4227
12 Havise Comtesse de Rennes, Duchess de Bretagne, Regent to her son Alan III, Duc de Bretagne  Abt 1005Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I4140
13 Hawise  Abt 1042Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I24493
14 Hawise  1045Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I6616
15 Hedwige de Normandie  Abt 1005Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76302
16 Helena le Bon  Abt 1034Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76326
17 Hugolina  Abt 1035Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I23568
18 Isabel de Warenne  Abt 1154Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I6473
19 Jordan du Hommet  Abt 1135Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I11029
20 Lescelina  Abt 1088Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I8473
21 Richard de Normandie  Abt 1054 OR 1056Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I21492
22 Rohese  Abt 1044Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5915
23 Turgis de Tracy  Abt 1009Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76308
24 William  Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76358
25 William de Tracy  Abt 1040Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I4217
26 William de St. John  Abt 1040Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76322
27 William de Varnai  Abt 1045Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I77278
28 William de Briwere  Abt 1086Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76312
29 DE MONTFORT, Simon Earl of Leicester  Sep 1208Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I7575
30 DE SAINTJOHN, John  1065Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I76320
31 GORMSEN, Toke  911Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I21331
32 MACDUIMHN, Archibald  Abt 1040Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I24318
33 STIGAND, Agnes  Abt 1170Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I8475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Humphrey de Pont-Audemer, de Vetulis, de Vieilles  Aft Abt 1040Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I4077
2 Mathieu de Flandre, Comte de Boulogne  25 Dec 1173Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5951
3 Richard of Lincoln  25 Nov 1120Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I21499
4 CAPET, Florus de France, Seigneur von Nangis  Abt 1119Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I24965
5 D'ESTOUTEVILLE, Robert II  Aft Aug 1138Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5082
6 DE RUMILLY, Robert Lord Skipton-in-Craven  Abt 1096Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England I5716


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 1065Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England F1906
2 /   2 Nov 1172Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England F8145
3 / SENLIS  Abt 930Skipton-In-Craven, Yorkshire, England F1726

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