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Highland, Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CADWALLADER, Alvin  12 May 1859Highland, Ohio, United States I3025
2 CADWALLADER, Amy Jane  4 Jul 1846Highland, Ohio, United States I3009
3 CADWALLADER, Charles  Abt 1874Highland, Ohio, United States I3015
4 CADWALLADER, Clark  11 Aug 1852Highland, Ohio, United States I3013
5 CADWALLADER, Elizabeth  1 Aug 1813Highland, Ohio, United States I2999
6 CADWALLADER, Ira  20 May 1855Highland, Ohio, United States I3023
7 CADWALLADER, Ira  24 Sep 1880Highland, Ohio, United States I3019
8 CADWALLADER, Isaac  20 Jul 1848Highland, Ohio, United States I3010
9 CADWALLADER, Jonah  20 Nov 1816Highland, Ohio, United States I3001
10 CADWALLADER, Jonah  6 Oct 1842Highland, Ohio, United States I3006
11 CADWALLADER, Joseph  24 Jun 1845Highland, Ohio, United States I3008
12 CADWALLADER, Martha Ann  15 Jan 1857Highland, Ohio, United States I3024
13 CADWALLADER, Mary Eliza  13 Jul 1835Highland, Ohio, United States I3004
14 CADWALLADER, Robert Wilson  15 Sep 1840Highland, Ohio, United States I3005
15 CADWALLADER, Walter  Abt 1878Highland, Ohio, United States I3016
16 HAWK, Susannah  1854Highland, Ohio, United States I3014
17 HEAD, Sophia M.  1 Apr 1831Highland, Ohio, United States I3007
18 WILKIN, Henry Richard  29 Apr 1886Highland, Ohio, United States I3022
19 WILKIN, Loree  31 May 1910Highland, Ohio, United States I62467
20 WILLET, Callie  Highland, Ohio, United States I3017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CADWALLADER, Amy Jane  21 Sep 1846Highland, Ohio, United States I3009
2 CADWALLADER, Clark  1941Highland, Ohio, United States I3013
3 CADWALLADER, Ira  29 Jun 1855Highland, Ohio, United States I3023
4 CADWALLADER, Isaac  22 Jul 1849Highland, Ohio, United States I3010
5 CADWALLADER, Isaac  17 May 1882Highland, Ohio, United States I2989
6 CADWALLADER, Jesse  26 Jun 1844Highland, Ohio, United States I2985
7 CADWALLADER, Joseph  7 Jul 1845Highland, Ohio, United States I3008
8 CADWALLADER, Martha Ann  2 Oct 1858Highland, Ohio, United States I3024
9 CADWALLADER, Mary Eliza  31 Dec 1935Highland, Ohio, United States I3004
10 CADWALLADER, Moses II  Feb 1896Highland, Ohio, United States I2993
11 CADWALLADER, Robert Wilson  21 Sep 1844Highland, Ohio, United States I3005
12 COX, Amy  25 Aug 1866Highland, Ohio, United States I2986
13 GRAHAM, Eliza  6 Oct 1871Highland, Ohio, United States I2994
14 HAWK, Susannah  1907Highland, Ohio, United States I3014
15 HEAD, Sophia M.  27 Feb 1874Highland, Ohio, United States I3007
16 MALIN (MAHLON), Elizabeth  15 Nov 1780Highland, Ohio, United States I2950
17 SMITH, Virginia D.  7 Jun 1892Highland, Ohio, United States I3003
18 WILKIN, Nancy Ann  13 Aug 1968Highland, Ohio, United States I3020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WILKIN, Nancy Ann  Abt 15 Aug 1968Highland, Ohio, United States I3020


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CADWALLADER / DUNCAN  17 May 1855Highland, Ohio, United States F920
2 CADWALLADER / GRAHAM  3 Aug 1828Highland, Ohio, United States F921
3 CADWALLADER / GREW  28 May 1835Highland, Ohio, United States F922
4 CADWALLADER / HAWK  21 Aug 1873Highland, Ohio, United States F927
5 CADWALLADER / HEAD  1 Nov 1861Highland, Ohio, United States F925
6 CADWALLADER / KELSO (KELSEY)  17 Jul 1832Highland, Ohio, United States F901
7 CADWALLADER / WILKIN  4 May 1902Highland, Ohio, United States F930
8 CADWALLADER / WILLET  Highland, Ohio, United States F928
9 HOBBS / CADWALLADER  11 May 1836Highland, Ohio, United States F923
10 WILKIN / CADWALLADER  15 Jan 1907Highland, Ohio, United States F931

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