shadow and Updates and Additions to 22 Aug 2015. and Updates and Additions to 22 Aug 2015.

The following are the and Updates and Additions to 22 Aug 2015. Updates and Additions. Brazil Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2014 France France, Coutances et d’Avranche Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1533-1894 France, Protestant Church Records, 1536-1894 Germany Germany, Baden, Church Book Duplicates, 1800-1870 Germany, Hesse, Civil Registration, 1874-1927 Hungary Hungary, Jewish Vital

My favorite genealogy research links for general searches.

eBooks from Google eBooks and Internet Archive.

The following are my favorite genealogy research links for broad, more general searches.   General Cyndi’s List Family Old Photos Family Search Free Databases for Genealogical Searching GenGateway – Gateway to everything genealogy. Google eBooks – Some titles are entirely available for free. Henry Project (The) – Fairly well researched private site. OliveTreeGenealogy Olive Tree

Jeremiah Williams: Who are his real parents?

Who are Jeremiah Williams' true parents?

My entries for Jeremiah Williams on the Blythe Genealogy website and database have turned out to be one of those situations where I had erroneous information for his parents. As is my usual practice, I had found references to Joseph Williams and Lydia Olney in personal correspondence and online trees. Since these are notoriously inaccurate, Partnership Agreement for public comment. Partnership Agreement for public comment

Today’s post ‘ Partnership Agreement for public comment’ comes from Onaona Guay, digitization partnerships coordinator at the National Archives. Digitization partnerships present an opportunity for increased access to historical government information through the increased availability of information technology products and services. NARA has shown that partnerships with private, public, non-profit, educational, and Government institutions to

How to get, keep, and use a smart cell phone absolutely free!?

Use a smart cell phone absolutely free!

I recently acquired, and keep and continue to use a smart cell phone absolutely FREE!   Considering how important immediate access to all my data, online information, subscriptions and websites are, I felt this was important for others with my extreme interest in (obsession with?) genealogy and family tree research. This entire set up allows

Transcription: Jaques Family Bible

Jaques Births; Jaques Family Bible

Following is my transcription of the image of the Jaques Family Bible.   FAMILY RECORD MARRIAGE IS HONORABLE IN ALL. Births Parents Harvey Samuel Jaques was born in Butler County Ohio. September 5th 1834. married Sept. 23, 1862. Martha Jane Stout was born in Franklin County Indiana. July 10th 1840. The Stout farm was in

DNA: The best hard drive on earth.

DNA hard drive.

It turns out DNA is the best storage medium there is on Earth. Nothing beats it. Think about it, all the directions that make you up are stored on tiny proteins that are hard to see even with a microscope. The human genome (all of those directions controlling your eye color, hair color, height, skin)