It’s important to know naming conventions for genealogy #namingconventions.

Naming conventions in genealogy.

  I have learned to pay close attention to the names of individuals in my research as knowledge of naming conventions can be key to investigating a family’s genealogy. Frequently, the names provide valuable clues to the answers to my questions.   Individuals from differing cultures, time periods, religions and families were known to follow …

Genealogy and Computers: Basic tools to succeed for disengaged and kids.

Genealogy research center.

I’ve posted in the past about my own experience with and belief in genealogy and computers as basic tools to engage our kids in learning and their own education.   We often hear how education is the key to work and financial security and solvency in today’s world. You’ll notice I’ve not used the word …

Obituary for David Turmel.

Obituary for David Turmel.

The following is my transcription of the obituary for David Turmel.   TURMEL David A son domicile, le 24 mai 2002, à l’âge de 26 ans et 10 mois, est décédé M. Dave-Jonction, il demeurait id Turmel, fils de Marcel Turmel et de feu Pierrette Tardif. Autre-fois de Vallée-Jonction, il demeurail à Saints-Anges. Les funérailles …

In Remembrance.

In remembrance.

Being from a dedicated military family, this is a somber time of year for us, in remembrance of those we lost.   The relationships to our children, Erin and Stuart, are in italics following the excerpt. Remembering those we lost in battle:   Private David Coon (1824-1864) – Civil War (4th great grandfather) The following letters, …

A salute to our veterans from Billion Graves! and Updates and Additions

In honor of those who have served and/or fallen in the past to protect us and our freedoms, Billion Graves has added over 8 million military records to their Billion Graves Plus Special Collections database.   To help with everyone’s research (Yea!), these records will be cross-referenced with the GPS headstone records for access by … and Updates and Additions to 9 Nov 2015.

Holocaust Train

The following list is of the and Updates and Additions to 9 Nov 2015. Updates and Additions.   Brazil Brazil, Santa Catarina, Catholic Church Records, 1714-1977 Ecuador Ecuador, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2011 Italy Italy, Forlì-Cesena, Forlì, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1800-1815, 1866-1930 Italy, Imperia, Ventimiglia, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1806-1913 New … and Updates and Additions to 30 Oct 2015.


The following are the and Updates and Additions to 30 Oct 2015.   Today’s list is considerably longer than usual because has added hundreds of records for Mexico to their database. They are all listed in the section below. Updates and Additions.   Argentina Argentina, National Census, 1869 Belgium …

Can anyone help identify this mystery military uniform?

Children of Antoine Labelle and Joséphine Périard (Périllard)

UPDATE Today I received a response to one of my many inquiries, trying to get information about this uniform. This one was from the War Museum of Canada and stated:   FW: cortrack #3906 CWM – Contact Us Web Form: General Information or Questions Arlene Doucette ( Cc: Nancy Lauzière Dear Ms Blythe, Thank …