Arundel Castle, West Sussex, England

Transcription: John Arundel, Earl of Arundel: Restoration of title, honors.

The following is my transcription of the portions of pages 155 and 156 of the “History of the House of Lancaster, 1399-1461,” which record the restoration of the title and honors of John Arundel, Earl of Arundel.   The circumstances surrounding this event are described on as follows: FitzAlan was the son of John FitzAlan, 2nd Baron Arundel, and read on…

Quaker Meeting House Sign

Heredis genealogy software: Not a viable replacement for Family Tree Maker.

  Recently, I awoke to an email during the holiday season from Heredis offering a big discount on their newest, 2015 version of their Heredis genealogy software.   I had tried an older version a couple of years ago and liked what I saw.   Unfortunately, however, I soon discovered the Achilles heel of this software. It interprets unusual date read on…

Naming conventions in genealogy.

It’s important to know naming conventions for genealogy #namingconventions.

  I have learned to pay close attention to the names of individuals in my research as knowledge of naming conventions can be key to investigating a family’s genealogy. Frequently, the names provide valuable clues to the answers to my questions.   Individuals from differing cultures, time periods, religions and families were known to follow specific traditions and naming conventions. read on…

Medieval history: Myth vs. Fact

Medieval Genealogy Research: Myth vs. Fact

I have found my many years of our family genealogy research to be both difficult and rewarding; especially medieval research when one has to distinguish between myth and fact. There is no feeling like breaking down a ‘brick wall’ and finding solid support and/or primary genealogy sources to document the finds.   There are a few sites for ancestry research read on…

George, Duke of Clarence

Legend lives on: George, the Duke of Clarence, drowned in wine.

George, Duke of Clarence was born on October 21, 1449 at Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland to Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York (21 Sep 1411-30 Dec 1460) and Cecily Neville (3 May 1415-31 May 1495). George has lived in infamy because of his horrible end: George, the Duke of Clarence, drowned in wine.   This was a time when Richard, Duke of York, read on…

William Fitzalan Bio

Transcription: Biography of William Fitzalan.

  Biography of William Fitzalan, from the Dictionary of National Biography.   FITZALAN, WILLIAM (d. 1160), rebel, was the son and heir of Alan Fitzflaald, by Aveline or Adeline, sister of Ernulf de Hesding (EYTON, Shropshire, vii. 222-8). His younger brother, Walter Fitzalan (d. 1177), was ‘the undoubted ancestor of the royal house of Stuart’ (ib.) His father had received read on…


John “Lackland” King of England.

John “Lackland”  King of England (the bad king) was born December 24, 1167 or 1177, to Henri II, King of England (1133-1189) and Eleonore  d’Aquitaine, Duchess d’Aquitaine (1122-1204). He was also the younger brother and successor to King Richard (the good king). John was made King of Ireland in 1177, Comte de Mortain in 1189, and his reign as King read on…


Cardinal Henry Beaufort

Cardinal Henry Beaufort (de Beaufort) was born in 1375 in Castle Beaufort, Anjou, France to Sir John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (1340- ) and Katharine (de Roët ) Swynford (c. 1350 – 1403), widow of Sir Hugh Swynford of Lincolnshire. Once the governess to John’s daughters from his first marriage, she became his mistress, subsequently bearing him more children.  read on…