Researching Welsh Quakers in Pennsylvania.

Welsh Quakers. Bryn Mawr, near Dolgelly. Built by Rees Lews. The birthplace of Rowland Ellis, 1650.

Welsh Quaker ancestors are the cultural group from which the majority of the ancestors of my children originate (on my husband’s side).   One of the benefits of researching this culture is that the people were religious, often educated (could read and write) and were very good at documenting vital statistics and events. As a …

Researching paternal or maternal lines: Is one better than the other?

Emery maternal ancestors.

When researching paternal or maternal lines, the tendency seems to be to place more value – and therefore time and effort – into the paternal lines. Is it true that following paternal lines is better than following maternal lines?   In my mind, no. The other side of this question is: “Should genealogy research concentrate …

Transcription: Civil War Letters of Private David Coon (1824-1864)

David Coon and Mary Ann (Adams)

Transcription of the final pages of this extensive project of the Civil War Letters of Private David Coon was completed April 10, 2013.   Page 1… FOREWORD. The following letters, written by David Coon to his wife and children, are here collected, carefully copied from the originals. Many of the letters were written on such …

Transcription: Deposition of Abigail Williams regarding Mr. Jacobs, his son George, granddaughter Margaret and Mr. and Mrs. English.

Abigail Williaposition of Abigail Williamsms' deposition.

Deposition of Abigail Williams regarding Mr. Jacobs, his son George Jacobs, granddaughter Margaret Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. English and Sarah Churchwell.   Abigail Williams verifyeth & saith that an old man that goes with two sticks hath appeared to & hurt her many times by pinching & bringing the book for her to get her …

An ancestral doppelganger is discovered!

Portrait of Isaac Shelby, Governor of Kentucky.

My biggest fascination with my genealogy research is finding old photos of the people – especially any rare ancestral doppelganger to current family members.   These images bring some life to the profile created by the fact finding of my research and brings these characters closer and makes them more relatable and understandable. A while … and Updates and Additions to 19 Feb 2015.


The following are the and Updates and Additions to 19 Feb 2015. Brazil Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2014 Russia Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885 United States California, San Diego Passenger Lists, 1904-1952 Illinois, Soldier burial places, 1774-1974 Maine, Crew List Arriving at Eastport, 1949-1958 New York, Naturalization Index (Soundex), 1792-1906 … and Updates and Additions to 30 Jan 2015. and Updates and Additions

Following are the recent and Updates and Additions up to 30 Jan 2015. Updates and Additions Argentina Argentina, National Census, 1895 Canada Nova Scotia Delayed Births, 1837-1904 El Salvador El Salvador Civil Registration, 1704-1977 Philippines Philippines, Manila, Civil Registration, 1899-1994 United States California, Immigration Registers of Japanese, Filipinos, and Hawaiians at …

Some skeletons in the closet are worse than others.

During my years of genealogical research, I’ve discovered numerous ‘ skeletons in the closet ‘ and scandals that at a shorter distance in time would be hard to deal with. Separated by decades and even centuries, however, a lot of these misdeeds become more titillating and not quite as scandalous. I’ve found polygamy, traitorous acts, …