Getting the most from Library and Archives Canada databases.

Library and Archives in Ottawa, Canada

The wealth of information on the Library and Archives Canada website has become more easily searchable over the years as more and more indexing has occurred.   As one who is very familiar with and has used this site for years, I have found it to be so extensive that I make sure to bookmark …

A breakthrough in the mysterious Melanson genealogy?

Melanson Village Community Hall

A while ago, I learned a valuable lesson after reading an email about a breakthrough in the research on the mysterious Melanson genealogy. I should not read emails on my tablet just before turning off the bedroom light. This email contained some exciting information that was essentially a breakthrough in the mysterious Melanson genealogy.   … and Updates and Additions to 15 May 2015. and Updates and Additions

The following are the most recent and Updates and Additions to 15 May 2015. Updates and Additions to 15 May 2015. Australia Australia, New South Wales, Census (fragment), 1841 Australia, Tasmania, Correspondence of the Immigration Office Concerning the Nomination, Arrival and Settlement of Migrants, 1920-1943 Australia, Tasmania, Government Gazette, 1833-1925 Australia, …

ProQuest: Digitization of 19th century House of Lords parliamentary papers.

19th century House of Lords parliamentary papers.

A new project by ProQuest and the National Library of Scotland to digitize the 19th century House of Lords parliamentary papers may turn out to be a gold mine for genealogy researchers.   ProQuest and the National Library of Scotland are working in cooperation to digitize the parliamentary papers and the project is expected to launch …

Immigrants from China database updated at Library and Archives Canada

Chinese Immigration Act Certificate.

In Canada, May is Asian Heritage Month, and Library and Archives Canada has announced it has updates to the Immigrants from China database.   Although I have no Chinese ancestry (at least to my knowledge), I’ve always been fascinated with the history of Chinese immigrants working in the coal mines. This is the result of …’s valuable collection of historical documents is now online.'s valuable collection of historical documents.

With the assistance and cooperation of archives, libraries and research organizations,’s valuable collection of historical documents is now online.   It includes millions of pages of primary source documents in 21 languages, most notably including the languages of our First Nations. This collection chronicles the people and institutions of Canada’s history between the 1600s …

Transcription: Isaac Shelby’s Order for Recruitment of Troops for the War of 1812.

Militia Order of Isaac Shelby of July 31, 1813

The following is my transcription of Isaac Shelby’s “Order for recruitment of troops for the War of 1812″  for the Kentucky Militia, to fight against Upper Canada in the War of 1812.   FRANKFORT, July 31st, 1813. DEAR SIR, THE following address to the militia of Kentucky will inform you of the call that has …

David Coon: A Civil War story… and tragedy.

David Coon and Mary Ann (Adams)

I spent a great deal of time transcribing the typewritten copies of handwritten letters of David Coon to his wife and children from Confederate prison, marking the days until his subsequent death from disease. The original transcriptions were completed by his son, Dr. William B. Coon in 1913, one for each family member. My father-in-law …