Jeremiah Williams: Who are his real parents?

Who are Jeremiah Williams' true parents?

My entries for Jeremiah Williams on the Blythe Genealogy website and database have turned out to be one of those situations where I had erroneous information for his parents. As is my usual practice, I had found references to Joseph Williams and Lydia Olney in personal correspondence and online trees. Since these are notoriously inaccurate,

How to get, keep, and use a smart cell phone absolutely free!?

Use a smart cell phone absolutely free!

I recently acquired, and keep and continue to use a smart cell phone absolutely FREE!   Considering how important immediate access to all my data, online information, subscriptions and websites are, I felt this was important for others with my extreme interest in (obsession with?) genealogy and family tree research. This entire set up allows

Security watch: Is virtualization a mistake?


From the standpoint of securing important documents and information, is adopting virtualization a mistake? As a genealogist, I’m well aware of our dependence on the use of virtualization, computer networks and the internet by governments, businesses and organizations to digitize, store, safeguard, and make available highly valuable documents, publications, etc. The following article by Jesse

Cool gadgets and gifts on every Genealogist’s wish list !

Over time, I have developed this list of my favorite and most wished for cool gadgets and gifts on every genealist’s wish list whether the occasion is Christmas, birthday, graduation, or any of life’s other milestones. Apple – iPad with Retina Display 4th Generation 9.7″ 16 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet – 2013 Model (iOS 6,

Richard III’s final resting place is decided.

This morning, I read the Archives UK blog headline “Reburial of King Richard III”, describing the circumstances and controversy surrounding the decision about the location of Richard III’s final resting place. I proceeded to read the entire article with fascination. I have written a couple of posts regarding the search for, discovery and excavation of

Replacing “Genealogy News Bites” with new daily newsletter, “Empty Nest Heritage Daily.”

As of this week, my regular post “Genealogy News Bites” has been discontinued and replaced with “Empty Nest Heritage Daily.” Rather than losing, our readers will be gaining considerably with our new daily newsletter, “Empty Nest Heritage Daily.” If you’re interested in getting this interesting, comprehensive and informative newsletter, just complete the subscription form in

What happened to civility and cooperation in genealogy research?

The vast majority of my interactions with regard to my own genealogical research and that of fellow genealogists has been friendly, cooperative and extremely helpful. Infrequently, however, I have been in a position to wonder what is happening to the culture of civility and cooperation in genealogy research? Although there have been small incidents that

Genealogy news bites to July 26, 2014.

Following are the most recent ancestry and genealogy news bites up to and including July 26, 2014. Vallejo Times-Herald Local News Genealogy quest leads Australian woman to Vallejo Genealogy work often requires much deep and time-consuming sleuthing, but often pays satisfying dividends for those interested in their family history and connections. Such was the case