Forensic Genealogy: Dead men do tell tales.

Forensic genealogy: Dead men do tell tales.

  I tend to use a combination of the more general genealogy research techniques as well as some of those considered to be forensic genealogy.   I didn’t even realize I used these techniques or that there was actually a name for them until I read the following article.   While the Bermuda Triangle is …


5 ways to find out more about your ancestors.

find out more about your ancestors

  You would think, since we live in a digital age, we would be more in touch with exactly who we are and where our families came from. There was a time when most UK and western families were comprised of Britons who could trace their lineage back countless generations. Such is the case with our family. …


Are free genealogy databases a thing of the past?

Free genealogy databases and websites.

  In almost twenty years of genealogy research, I have found a considerable amount of the sources, data and images on free genealogy databases online. They still exist in large numbers and can be very valuable.   You might ask, “Are free genealogy databases a thing of the past?”   You might think so, but …


Health and your family tree: Researching and creating a family tree health profile.

Researching and creating a family tree health profile

  Researching your genealogy can be a huge help when researching and creating a family tree health profile for yourself and other family members.   It’s important to know the prevalence of certain diseases, conditions and illnesses throughout your family tree in order to assess the likelihood for you, your immediate family, and future family …


A new wrinkle: Geometry of brain’s outer surface correlates with genetic heritage.

Brain's geometry indicates ancestry and genetics.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego and the School of Medicine have found that the three-dimensional shape of the cerebral cortex – the wrinkled outer layer of the brain controlling many functions of thinking and sensation – strongly correlates with ancestral background. The study, published online July 9 in Current Biology, opens the …


DNA: The best hard drive on earth.

DNA hard drive.

It turns out DNA is the best storage medium there is on Earth. Nothing beats it. Think about it, all the directions that make you up are stored on tiny proteins that are hard to see even with a microscope. The human genome (all of those directions controlling your eye color, hair color, height, skin) …


Ancestry.com closes SMGF Database due to controversy over murder case.

Access denied - Ancestry.com closes SMGF Database due to controversy over murder case.

Ancestry.com has decided to suspend access to the SMGF database of genetic information after the resource was used by law enforcement authorities to identify a suspect in a decades-old murder case.   The move came after multiple media outlets reported this month that Ancestry.com had divulged the identity of a donor in the Sorenson Molecular …


Volunteers sought by Michael J. Fox Foundation for study on Parkinson’s among Ashkenazi Jews.

Ancestry.com Partnership Agreement for public comment

The Michael J. Fox Foundation, a major charity dedicated to finding a cure to Parkinson’s disease, announced on Sunday that it is seeking volunteers to participate in a study on the connection between Parkinson’s and genes carried by Jews of Eastern European ancestry, commonly known as Ashkenazi Jews… [read more] Source: Michael J. Fox Foundation …