How to get, keep, and use a smart cell phone absolutely free!?

Use a smart cell phone absolutely free!

I recently acquired, and keep and continue to use a smart cell phone absolutely FREE!   Considering how important immediate access to all my data, online information, subscriptions and websites are, I felt this was important for others with my extreme interest in (obsession with?) genealogy and family tree research. This entire set up allows

Protecting genealogy data and files!

Protect your genealogy data and files.

After twenty years of genealogy research, I have learned a few things about the fragility of the valuable data and files we work hard to accumulate. In response, I have worked hard to develop some good habits when it comes to protecting genealogy data and files.   Some of the issues I’ve encountered in the

Google Search history: An unsung top genealogy research tool?

Google Search history.

Google recently announced that the Google search history of Google account holders will be available for download by the account holder.   Noticing this made me stop and think about just how much I do use the history feature on my browser to find pages I’ve previously visited. The reason? When doing genealogy research including and Updates and Additions to 30 Jan 2015. and Updates and Additions

Following are the recent and Updates and Additions up to 30 Jan 2015. Updates and Additions Argentina Argentina, National Census, 1895 Canada Nova Scotia Delayed Births, 1837-1904 El Salvador El Salvador Civil Registration, 1704-1977 Philippines Philippines, Manila, Civil Registration, 1899-1994 United States California, Immigration Registers of Japanese, Filipinos, and Hawaiians at

Have your valuable family photos scanned free at RootsTech 2015.

Turmaine, Gerry - Regalia Restored - Contrast Adjusted

RootsTech 2015 provides the opportunity to have your valuable family photos scanned free to preserve history and memories. In my recent post on my blog, “Feathering the Empty Nest“, titled “Photos and images are essential to successful genealogy research and blogging,” I outlined several options available for using photos and images to increase readership and engagement in

New to genealogy? Start with free genealogy sites and tools online.

Using available free genealogy sites and tools to the best advantage. I’ve been doing genealogy research for well over fifteen years now and have amassed a database of over 100,000 individuals with supporting sources, images, and documents for over 90% of the individuals, which are available for free download. Yet, I still find new information

Cool gadgets and gifts on every Genealogist’s wish list !

Over time, I have developed this list of my favorite and most wished for cool gadgets and gifts on every genealist’s wish list whether the occasion is Christmas, birthday, graduation, or any of life’s other milestones. Apple – iPad with Retina Display 4th Generation 9.7″ 16 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet – 2013 Model (iOS 6,

Heredis 2014 genealogy software: Only $10.99 US until Sunday.

Heredis is offering their Heredis 2014 genealogy software for a special deal for three days only, until Sunday. Of all of the genealogy software packages out there, there is one in particular that has always piqued my interest – Heredis 2014. You may think the circumstances of this post strange (and you’d be right), but

MyHeritage, EBSCO to provide genealogy services for institutions.

This press release brings great news for genealogy researchers. We’ve seen this in the past with in libraries and Family Search through local LDS Family History Centers, and now MyHeritage will be partnering with EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) to provide genealogy services for worldwide institutions and libraries. PRESS RELEASE October 7, 2014 MyHeritage, the