The ancestor quest: humor, poems and prose for Genealogists.

Funny genealogy.

I have gathered and transcribed several items of humor, poems and prose for Genealogists that have touched me in some way. The ones I have selected and printed below are my favorites of the hundreds that can be found – and the ones that hit home the most.     Dear Ancestor   Your tombstone …


Oh, the difference one letter can make when using copied or transcribed documents!

Copying and transcription errors.

This joke is the best illustration I’ve ever seen of the negative effects of working from copied documents instead of originals. This should be on display in every library, archive and genealogy center as a reminder of the perils awaiting. This is something I think about every time I do a transcription, and this type …


Replacing “Genealogy News Bites” with new daily newsletter, “Empty Nest Heritage Daily.”

As of this week, my regular post “Genealogy News Bites” has been discontinued and replaced with “Empty Nest Heritage Daily.” Rather than losing, our readers will be gaining considerably with our new daily newsletter, “Empty Nest Heritage Daily.” If you’re interested in getting this interesting, comprehensive and informative newsletter, just complete the subscription form in …


Drunk History: My new guilty pleasure.

I sit here with Mark, barely able to breath between laughs as we watch an episode of “Drunk History.” At this moment, we are watching two grown men sitting in a tub (supposedly in their bathing suits, but we can’t see the bathing suits to confirm this), discussing early feminist Nellie Bly, and ending the …


The best gifts for genealogists during a cash-strapped holiday season.

  For my recommended Christmas gifts for genealogists list for 2013, I thought I’d concentrate on more obscure, lower cost gifts. Some could even be used as stocking stuffers. Last year’s list was for higher end, higher priced, technically focused gifts for genealogists. So, for this year, I’ve come up with a list of lower …


The largest family tree ever may help with research into genetic traits.

I was amazed to read on the “nature” blog that a genome hacker has discovered what is believed to be the most extensive family tree ever, consisting of 13 million linked individuals. This family tree was constructed with data from online genealogy sites, and the researchers plan to analyse genetic traits and how they pass from generation …