shadow and Updates and Additions – June 26, 2014

Following are the and updates and additions. The list is extensive and will break into multiple pages as June 18th seems to have been a very busy, productive day at The countries with the most additions are Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, United States and Poland. Updates and Additions Argentina Argentina, Córdoba, and Updates and Additions – June 4, 2014

The following are the most recent and updates and additions of numerous collections. Updates and Additions Brazil Brazil, Paraíba, Catholic Church Records, 1731-2013 Chile Chile, Cemetery Records, 1821-2013 Chile, Civil Registration, 1885-1903 Denmark Denmark Civil Marriages, 1851-1961 Guatemala Guatemala, Civil Registration, 1877-2008 Italy Italy, Como, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1806-1815, 1850-1927 and Updates and Additions Argentina Argentina, Capital Federal, Census, 1855 Argentina, National Census, 1869 Australia Australia Deaths and Burials, 1816-1980 Australia, Miscellaneous Genealogical Records, 1776-1980 Australia, New South Wales, Index to Bounty Immigrants, 1828-1842 Austria Austria Burials, 1768–1918 Bahamas Bahamas Births, 1850-1891 Barbados Barbados Baptisms, 1739-1891 Barbados Burials, 1854-1885 Barbados Marriages, 1854-1879 Belgium Belgium Deaths and Burials,