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Transcription: Biography of William H. Jaques

Biography of William H. Jaques

Transcription of the biography of William H Jaques.   Mr. Jaques was born February 8, 1820 in Geauga county, Ohio, then known as new Connecticut or Western reserve. But little is known of his father, Henry Jaques, who was born in the city of New York, in 1789, a French wreckage, and was apprenticed to

Transcription – Obituary for Lillian Active Paradis-Auclair

Thomas Auclair, Lillian-Activ Paradis and children.

The following is my transcription of the obituary for Lillian Active Paradis-Auclair.   Mrs. Lillian A. Auclair Mrs. Lillian A. Auclair, widow of Thomas Auclair died Tuesday at a Manchester hospital after a long illness. Mrs. Auclair was born in Franklin, daughter of Joseph and Delia (Seney) Paradis and had resided in Manchester the greater and Updates and Additions – June 26, 2014

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Transcription: New England Marriages Prior to 1700; Knight – Knowles

Following is my transcription of “New England Marriages Prior to 1700″ for surnames starting with ‘K’ from Knight to Knowles, and all varied surnames of spouses.   _________________________________ NEW ENGLAND MARRIAGES PRIOR TO 1700 445 KNIGHT, Joseph (1673-) & Martha (GIBSON) LILLEY, w Reuben; 4 Apr 1699; Woburn KNIGHT, Lawrence (-1728) & Elizabeth INGERSOLL, m/2