Archaeologists uncover new finds at historic Jamestown. | Popular Archaeology

Jamestown archaeological dig.

Archaeologists at the historic James Fort site of Jamestown in southern Virginia may be closing in on a well that was dug by the site’s early colonists during the formative years of America’s first successful English colony. The prospect is tantalizing because, in the years that archaeologists have been conducting investigations and research at the …

David Coon: A Civil War story… and tragedy.

David Coon and Mary Ann (Adams)

I spent a great deal of time transcribing the typewritten copies of handwritten letters of David Coon to his wife and children from Confederate prison, marking the days until his subsequent death from disease. The original transcriptions were completed by his son, Dr. William B. Coon in 1913, one for each family member. My father-in-law … and Updates and Additions – May 27, 2014

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