A Swedish History: Gummeson and Nelson

My children’s great grandfather through their grandmother (their father’s mother) was August Gummeson. Born July 30, 1887 in Polk County, Wisconsin, USA, August was one of nine children of David Gummeson from Sandsjo, Socken Kranebergs, Lan Smoland, Sweden and his wife Kristine Christina “Christina” Nelson from Urshult, Socken Kransbergs, Lan Smoland, Sweden. David Gummeson, born

O Canada!

FEATURED POST: Originally published almost three years ago, this post contains a lot of valuable information for those researching their ancestry in Canada. As a refresher and for those who missed it the first time around, here ya go… I love Canada and I’m proud to be Canadian. But… researching Canada genealogy can be problematic.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) adds 15 databases to collection.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has announced that nominal indexes for 1825 to 1916 Canadian censuses can now be accessed on their site – totaling over 32 million documents. There is no cost for this access. Numerous LAC teams and other individuals and organizations worked continually over several months to make these databases available and

Should our personal information from the 1921 Canadian Census be solely available as a paid subscription through a private, for profit company?

It was quite eye-opening to read the post “Census for Sale: Library and Archives Canada and Ancestry” by jjackunrau on “The Information Policy Bog” regarding the recent release of the personal information of Canadian citizens in the 1921 Canadian Census to , a private, for-profit company. He describes his concerns about the 1921  Canadian

Library and Archives Canada has the 1861 Canadian Census available online.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has made the following announcement that they have made the 1861 Canadian Census available on their site. This census offers valuable information for genealogy researchers including location, name, occupation, birth place, religion, age, and other miscellaneous household information. The LAC announcement is as follows: Library and Archives Canada is pleased

1831 Census for Lower Canada released by LAC Canada.

I just received notification that the 1831 Census for Lower Canada is now available on the Library and archives Canada site. Library and Archives Canada is and has been my number one place to go to for Canadian ancestry research during my 15 years of passionately following this hobby. This censuses nominal in part, which