UK National Archives site.
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The UK National Archives’ site “The Cabinet Papers”: UK government history.

What is available to researchers on “The Cabinet Papers” site? Records from 1915 to 1982 including full text is searchable from this site. Some of these records, however, have been redacted under the Public Records Act. These records include: Decisions and discussions of cabinet. Background reports and papers provided for cabinet ministers before cabinet meetings. Handwritten notebooks of the Cabinet read on…

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Transcription: Charles Keefer; Biographical Sketches of Old Settlers and Prominent People of Wisconsin

  Transcription of biography of Charles Keefer from “Biographical Sketches of Old Settlers and Prominent People of Wisconsin.” Excerpt from: Biographical Sketches of OLD SETTLERS and PROMINENT PEOPLE of ….WISCONSIN…. _____ Vol. I. _____ Waterloo, Wis., Huffman & Hyer, Publishers. 1899. _________________________________________________ CHARLES KEEFER AMONG the class of hardy pioneers who left their Ohio homes, ” where they were surrounded read on…

Copying and transcription errors.
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Oh, the difference one letter can make when using copied or transcribed documents!

This joke is the best illustration I’ve ever seen of the negative effects of working from copied documents instead of originals. This should be on display in every library, archive and genealogy center as a reminder of the perils awaiting. This is something I think about every time I do a transcription, and this type of consequence is why I read on…

eBooks from Google eBooks and Internet Archive.
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eBooks from Google eBooks and Internet Archive: A researcher’s gold mine!

  This article’s title “eBooks from Google eBooks and Internet Archive: A researcher’s gold mine!” aptly describes how I feel about including ebooks and online publications and libraries in my genealogy research.   Some of my best finds have come through using the Google genealogy research tools. I believe in using primary sources as much as possible in my genealogy read on… Partnership Agreement for public comment
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New OPenn Digital Resources Platform launched online.

Following is an excerpt from a press release regarding the launch of the new OPenn Digital Resources Platform.   Recently I wrote a post titled, “Researching Welsh Quakers in Pennsylvania” about my own research into our extensive Pennsylvania and Welsh Quaker ancestry and listed numerous links for pursuing similar research. Be sure to bookmark this link as well. I’m so read on…

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Let’s all work to save and expand our genealogical resources.

I have been researching my family’s genealogy for over twenty years and my appreciation of the tireless and volunteer contributions in the pursuit of genealogy is endless. All of our continuing efforts to expand our own genealogies do contribute to the cumulative effort of us all to save and expand our genealogical resources. At one time, the only options for read on…

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Now’s your chance to check out’s free DNA kit.

If you’ve ever considered a subscription at , now’s your chance to buy the 6 month subscription, and you’ll get a bonus of a free DNA kit valued at $99. That’s the same value as the subscription, so you’re essentially getting everything at half price. My tough luck is that I’m already subscribed so I don’t qualify, because read on…

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Why would a typist and transcriptionist want to spend her leisure years typing and transcribing?

The answer? I’m a genealogy fanatic and typing and transcription are a very large portion of the workload necessary to conduct research, handle sources and documents, and transcribe images of documents into editable text to make it searchable. Although I made the majority of my living as a business owner and Administrative Assistant using these necessary skills, I find I’m read on…