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Transcription: Tax Roll for Maccan, Napan & Hébert Rivers, Nova Scotia, 1791.

  The following is my transcription of the Tax Roll for Maccam, Napan & Hébert Rivers for 1791.   A Copy of the Assess Roll for the Capitation Tax for the District of the Rivers Macam Napan & Hebere for the year 1791.   Feature image above: Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. First Class £ s. …

dit Laverdure

Transcription: Nova Scotia Land Papers 1765-1800; License to occupy.

Université Sainte Anne, Nova Scotia

  The following is my transcription of the Nova Scotia Land Papers 1765-1800; License to occupy. Featured image: Université Sainte Anne, Nova Scotia.   Return of the Inhabitants of the Township of Clare, commonly called the French Settlers, with the Number in each Family, who pray for a Grant of Lands back of their Settlement beginning …

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Be prepared for the ‘ skeletons in the closet ‘ you find.

  Genealogy is exciting, despite the skeletons in the closet one may find. There’s no feeling like solving that family mystery, breaking down that brick wall, or just learning more about one’s family and heritage.   However, not everything we find is good. Of course, this depends on your moral, political and social views. In …

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Melansons in Acadia

Melanson Mountain Sign

Pierre ‘dit Laverdure and his wife Priscilla Mellanson (my eighth great grandparents on my mother’s side) were known by the name, nickname or title of Laverdure. We are descended from the second of their three sons, Charles ‘dit la Ramee’ Mellanson, (my seventh great grandfather). The origin of the name ‘Laverdure’ is not known, but …

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It’s important to know naming conventions for genealogy #namingconventions.

Naming conventions in genealogy.

  I have learned to pay close attention to the names of individuals in my research as knowledge of naming conventions can be key to investigating a family’s genealogy. Frequently, the names provide valuable clues to the answers to my questions.   Individuals from differing cultures, time periods, religions and families were known to follow …

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Transcripton: 1793 lease for 40,000 acres of land signed by Peter and Charles Malonson and others.

Melanson Village Community Hall

1793 lease for 40,000 acres of land signed by Peter and Charles Malonson and others.   Page 1 A6 Articles of agreement made this twenty ninth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninty-three and in the thirty third year of His Majesty’s Reign between Mary Cannon of …

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Researching paternal or maternal lines: Is one better than the other?

Emery maternal ancestors.

When researching paternal or maternal lines, the tendency seems to be to place more value – and therefore time and effort – into the paternal lines. Is it true that following paternal lines is better than following maternal lines?   In my mind, no. The other side of this question is: “Should genealogy research concentrate …

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There were costs and benefits to conducting family tree research before we had the internet.

Pursuing Genealogy was never free. The family tree research costs manifested in very different ways over time. We’re so lucky today because global resources are so easy to access over the internet through sites such as familysearch.org, Ancestry.com and many others, and most sites do charge either a subscription rate or a cost per item …