Transcription: Civil War Letters of Private David Coon (1824-1864)

Transcription of the final pages of this extensive project of the Civil War Letters of Private David Coon was completed April 10, 2013.   Page 1… FOREWORD. The following letters, written by David Coon to his wife and children, are here collected, carefully copied from the originals. Many of the letters were written on such …


David Coon: A Civil War story… and tragedy.

David Coon and Mary Ann (Adams)

I spent a great deal of time transcribing the typewritten copies of handwritten letters of David Coon to his wife and children from Confederate prison, marking the days until his subsequent death from disease. The original transcriptions were completed by his son, Dr. William B. Coon in 1913, one for each family member. My father-in-law …


Alanson and Gardner Adams, Brothers in Arms in the War of 1812

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  I mentioned in a previous post about William B. Coon, who served as a soldier for the United States in the War of 1812 and was the father of Civil War casualty David Coon, that I would be writing about Alanson Adams (fifth great grandfather to my kids) who was father to David Coon’s …


Transcription Updates

I will be periodically posting completed updates to the long transcriptions for those interested. If I were to redate the original transcription post, those who have the pages bookmarked would find their bookmarks have become invalid. A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania by Henry Ashmead August 31, 2012 – Completed up to page 40 and …