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Transkribus system makes breakthrough in understanding medieval texts | Euronews

How do you find a text in ancient manuscripts, and do it fast? Until recently, computers weren’t very good in reading handwritten scripts — but now artificial intelligence has produced a breakthrough. The Tyrolean State Archive in Innsbruck stores countless documents dating from the 11th … Continue reading Transkribus system makes breakthrough in understanding medieval texts | Euronews

Transcription: Obituary for Bernard Drouin

Transcription: Obituary for Bernard Drouin

Bernard Drouin Obituary
Bernard Drouin Obituary



A son domicile, le 2 novembre 2001, à l’âge de 75 ans, est décédé dans le calme et la sérénité, M. Bernard Drouin, fils de feu Aristide Drouin et de feu Anna-Marie Fecteau époux de dame Thérèse Turmel. Selon ses volontés, il a été conlié au

Parc Commémoratif

La Souvenance

301, rang Ste-Anne

(coin rte de l’Aéroport)

Quartier Laurentien


La famille recevra les condolences au funérarium

Lépine Cloutier Ltée

9255, boul. L’Ormière


Lundi de 14h à 22h, mardi de 9h30 à 10h30. Le service religieux sera célébré le mardi 6 novembre 2001 à 11 heures en l’église St-François-Xavier (2180 Père-Lelièvre, Duberger) et de l à au Parc Commémoratif La Souvenance. Il laisse dans le deuil ses enfants, son gendre et ses belles-filles. Richard Drouin (Rose Hastenreiter), Jean Drouin (Louise Duguay), François Drouin (Sholi Oliparampil), Hélène Drouin (Christiane Tremblay), Louise Drouin (Christian Deschambault), ses petits-enfants: Chanteale, Jean- François, Joannie, Patricia, Amélie, William, Priscilla, Sarah; ses frère, soeurs, beaux-frères et belles-soeurs; feu Gérard Drouin (Géralda Gagnon), Antoinette Drouin (Roméo Grenier), Rolland Drouin (Adrienne Turcotte), Yvette Turmel (feu Aurèle Perreault), Laurette Turmel (Gérard Boily), Madeleine Turmel (Maurice Laroche), Aline Turmel (feu Philippe-Auguste Drouin), Edith Turmel (Claude Michaud), Gérard Turmel (Fleurette Mathurin), feu Adrienne Turmel, Yvon Turmel (Germaine Thibault). Vos temoignages de sympathie peuvent se traduire par un don à la Fondation des Maladies du Coeur du Québec QC, G1S 2M5 ou à la Maison Michel Sarrazin 2101, chemin St-Louis, Sillery, QC, G1T 1P5. Pour renseignements. 529-3371.

Télécopieur: 529-9506

Courriel: lc”

Membre de la Corporation des Thanatologues du Québec.


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Little Red Schoolhous; Maple Shade, Burlington County, NJ; built in 1811

Transcription: Thorne, John; Will Extract; New Jersey and Colonial Documents; Page 480.

  Transcription of an extract of the will of John Thorne, taken from ” New Jersey and Colonial Documents “; Page 480. Featured image: Little Red Schoolhouse; Maple Shade, Burlington County, NJ; built in 1811. 48O NEW JERSEY COLONIAL DOCUMENTS me and Stephen Brown. Other children—Thomas, … Continue reading Transcription: Thorne, John; Will Extract; New Jersey and Colonial Documents; Page 480.

Transcription: Obituary for Elsie Elizabeth Gurr

Transcription of the obituary of Elsie Elizabeth Gurr from the “L M Leader” of April 24, 1913.

Gurr, Elsie Elizabeth; Obituary
Obituary for Elsie Elizabeth Gurr.

L M Leader

24 Apr 1913


Elsie Elizabeth Gurr was born in the town of Fountain Prairie, near Fall River, September 8, 1886 and died at her home in the village of Fall River, Wis., April 11, 1913. Her short life was all spent here, with the exception of one year when, with her parents, she lived at Elba, Dodge Col, Wis. Her education was given her by the public schools of our town, and by the Sabbath schools of our churches

On May 29, 1907, she was united in marriage with Mr. Frank E. Keefer, of Fall River. Four beautiful children, three daughters and a son, each bearing Heaven’s benediction, came to bless this home. All these, with the grief stricken husband, father, mother, and one sister, as well as a large circle of more distant relatives, and innumerable friends are left where tears and heartaches abound, to mourn the untimely death, but to look forward to that

“Land where beauty cannot fade,

Nor sorrow dim the eye;

Where true love shall not droop nor be dismayed,

And none shall ever die.”

Funeral services were held at the Methodist church, Sunday afternoon, Rev. A. A. Bennett officiating.

A large number of relatives and friends from neighboring places were in attendance. — Columbus Republican

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