Tragic gas poisoning deaths of Daniel and Isabella McDougall.

Deaths by gas poisoning of Daniel and Isabella McDougall tragically caused by their daughter, Agnes.

I have found myself fascinated by the stories of the trials, tribulations and tragedies of our ancestors, and this story about the deaths by gas poisoning of Daniel and Isabella McDougall tragically caused by their daughter, Agnes is no exception. Sometimes I wonder if I was born too late as my disability, though hidden from others,

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Sir Philip Basset, Lord Basset, Justiciar of England

Battle of Evesham

Sir Philip Basset is 24th great grandfather to my kids, born circa 1184 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.   He was the son of Alan Basset, Baron of Wycombe, and Aline de Gai. In 1227, Philip married his first wife, Hawise de Louvaine in Essex, England. Born in 1225, Hawise was the daughter of Matthew de Louvain, Lord

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The following are the Ancestry and FamilySearch Updates and Additions since January 6, 2015.   FamilySearch Updates and Additions Argentina Argentina, National Census, 1895 Belgium Belgium, Brabant, Civil Registration, 1582-1914 Belgium, East Flanders, Civil Registration, 1541-1912 Canada Newfoundland, 1921 Census Newfoundland Census, 1935 Newfoundland Census, 1945 Ontario, Toronto Trust Cemeteries, 1826-1989 Guatemala Guatemala, Alta Verapaz,

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