Parish register

Catholic parish register microfilms at National Library of Ireland made available.

The National Library of Ireland will be making the Catholic parish registers of Ireland available online to the public on July 8, 2015.


Irish parish registers to be available online.
Irish parish registers to be available online.

The digitization project has taken over three years and will include over 390,000 digital images of the parish records recorded on microfilm reels.

The NLI’s Ciara Kerrigan, manager of the digitization project, states,

“We announced initial details of this project last December, and received a hugely enthusiastic response from people worldwide with an interest in Irish family history. We are delighted to announce that the project has been progressing well, and we will be able to publish all the digitised (sic) records online from July 8, onwards.”

The parish records may include baptism and marriage dates and the names of the individuals involved.

“The images will be in black and white, and will be of the microfilms of the original registers,” explained Ms. Kerrigan. “There will not be transcripts or indexes for the images. However, the nationwide network of local family history centres holds indexes and transcripts of parish registers for their local areas. So those who access our new online resource will be able to cross-reference the information they uncover, and identify wider links and connections to their ancestral community by also liaising with the relevant local family history centre.”