River Brenig at Tregaron.
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Genealogy and bio: Evan Isaac Shelby of Tregaron, Wales

Evan Isaac Shelby of Tregaron, Wales was the son of David Phillip “Phillip” Shelby (1648-1731) and Margaretta Alexander (1660-    ) and was the one who was honored by future namesakes including Brigadier General Evan Shelby(The original data, images and more on this individual and family are also available on Blythe Genealogy.)

Also believed to have used the nickname ‘Dhu’ (meaning black), he was born about 1694 at the beginning of the reign of William and Mary (1690-1695), and was baptised on September 2, 1694 at St. Caron’s Church in Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales.

He was most likely a farmer and/or shepherd in Wales as these occupations were very common in the mountainous region.  Although he would be considered illiterate, he could write his name.

He married Catherina “Catherine” Morgan (1697-1751) on November 9, 1716 in Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales and they had 11 children:  Moses Shelby (1718-1776); Brig General Evan S. Shelby Jr. (1720-1794); Rees (Reece) Shelby (1721-1802); Capt. John Shelby (1724-1794); Mary Hannah Shelby (1725-1805); Thomas (James) Shelby (1725-1760); David Shelby (1730-1799); Rachel Shelby (1732-    ); Mary Shelby (1735-1813); Eleanor Shelby (1736-    ); and Solomon Shelby (1738-    ).

Approximately seven years after the succession of George II to the throne, Evan Shelby, then about forty years old, emigrated to America with his family, ultimately settling in Pennsylvania (then Penn’s province).

The “Blunstone License Book” of Lancaster County in the land office in the capital at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, shows that Evan Shelby was licensed on July 4, 1735, to take up three hundred acres in the then Indian owned territory west of the Susquehanna River.  Here the Shelbys settled on a beautiful spot on the east bank of Conococheague Creek on Potomoc Road, at the junction with Muddy Run, naming their farm “Black Walnut Point”.  It was in Lancaster County (now Antrim, Franklin County) “between Neild’s FFRIEND (sic) and Edward Nichols”, five miles north of the Maryland (Mason-Dixon) line,  north of the bridge over the Conococheague.

Two years later he was licensed to acquire an additional 200 hundred acres at Rocky Spring, somewhere near his first tract.

In late 1739, after his home had  been seized to satisfy a debt he owed to a Richard Phillips, he relocated to Maryland, having acquired two warrants for twelve hundred acres in Prince George’s County, in the area which is now the Indian Spring District of Washington County, on June 7, 1739.  One tract, called “Rich Lands” was approximately northwest of the site of Hagerstown and had been owned by Dr. Robert Stuart of Annapolis.

The other, a 1,000 acre tract which he named “Maiden’s Choice”, seems to have been his home plantation. It was a narrow and irregular shaped tract that stretched from the Pennsylvania line southward along the base of the North Mountain three and a half miles.  Evan built a house that was situated at the south end, probably on the road that later connected Clear Springs, Maryland, to Mercerburg, Pennsylvania.

On the 26 Feb 1745, Evan sold 54 acres of “Maiden’s Choice” to his son Evan Jr.

Evan Sr. obtained other land warrants and secured patents on them over the next eleven years, until he was in possession of 2,500 acres.  With the exception of “Rich Lands” and a 50 acre piece called “Hunt’s Cabin”, all of Shelby’s lands seem to have been located between Conococheague Creek and the east side of North Mountain.

He periodically sold some of his land and also gave some as gifts to his sons.   It is recorded in the Testamentary Proceedings on file at Annapolis that  his wife, Catherine, and son, Evan Jr., filed a bond on July 18, 1751, as administrators of his estate. However, since he had conveyed a piece of land to his son John on May 19, 1751, his death must have occurred between those two dates when he was about 56 years old.

He died and was buried at North Mountain, Frederick County (now Washington County), Maryland. His will was probated on July 18, 1751, also at Frederick County.

The Shelby family is identified with the early history of Tennessee and Kentucky, and they share, with the Seviers and Isbells, the honor of having had the greatest number of representatives in the Battle of King’s Mountain. There were seven Seviers, six Isbells and six Shelbys who participated.

By coincidence, the youngest soldiers in that same battle were of the same families: James Sevier, sixteen; William Isbell, fifteen; and David Shelby, seventeen.

Evan Isaac Shelby died intestate and his will was probated July 18, 1751, with his wife Catherine and his son Evan Jr. as Executors.  The record of the naming of Catherine and Evan as Executors for the purposes of probate is as follows (verbatim):

Adm Bond 18 Jul Maryland ss Charles, Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Province of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore, &c, To Catherine Shelby & Evan Shelby Greeting. Whereas Evan Shelby died Intestate, as it is said, We do therefore give and grant unto the said Catherine Shelby and Evan Shelby full power and Authority to Administer all and singular of the Goods, Chattels, and Credits, of the said Deceased: and to exhibit both into our Office for Probate of Wills, &c. Lawfully authorized; touching which Inventory you are presently assigned to perform, or at farthest at or before the 15th Day of October now next ensuing; and an Account within Twelve Months from the Date of these Presents. And lastly, We do hereby constitute and appoint you the said Catherine Shelby & Evan Shelby  Administrators of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, and Credits of the said Deceased. Given at Frederick County this 18 Day of July in the 37th Year of our Dominion, &c. Annoque Domini 1751The Inventory of Evan’s estate did not appear to be very valuable but indicates that he had several slaves. His sons Moses and John signed as next of kin August 6, 1751. James Davies and Isaac Baker signed as witnesses. The sale took place at the home of Evan Shelby Sr. on September 6, 1751.

Later records indicate that the sale did not cover all of Evan’s debts, as by 1754 Catherine and son Evan, Jr. were still being sued for his debts.The following ‘vendue’ was taken from the records of the clerk’s office, Frederick County, Maryland.

His estate inventory was recorded as follows:

First. Whoever buys the value of 20 shillings and upward shall have nine months’ credit; and whosoever buyeth under the value of 20 shillings shall pay before he, or they, shall move any particulars, and the highest bidder shall be the buyer after three distinct crings. The administrators reserve one bidding for themselves at every particular, and if, in case any one should return back any of these goods to the damage or hindrance of said sale, shall pay 2 shillings per pound to said administrators, and that every one shall give sufficient security.signed: Evan Shelby, Jr Catherine Shelby.

Inventory of Evan Shelby Sr 1751 MD Frederick Co Inventory made 6 Aug. A True Inventory of the appeasement of the goods….of Evan Shelby late of Frederick County Deceased in current money so far as the same hat been brought to the Sight and Knowledge of us the appraisers having first Qualified according to the Directions and authority to us Given before Nathaniel Alexander one of the Justices of the Peace for said County the sixth day of August 1751 Imprimis [L=pound s=Sterling d=?] To his Ridding horse saddle & Bridle & his apparel 14L 10s To 6 heads of horses 12L To 10 heads of old hordes mares & colts 24L To 7 cows 14L 10s To 16 young cattle & calves 1 heifer & 1 steer 23L 16s To 24 sheep 4L 10s To 13 head of swine 3L 5s To 25 shoats 2L 10s To household goods 14L 9s 6d To plow & harrow and some old irons 3L 6s 8d To 2 stacks of winter grain 4L To 3 servants George Mercy 10L To Mary Sterling 5L To Ben Knight a mulatto 10L To a blind servant man named John Harvey 9s The above appraised by us as witness our hands James Davies Isaac Baker Signed by the nearest kin: Moses (M) Shelby and John Shelby. Geo. Gorton, Creditor; William Belle Jun Cruder

There is a family story that has been passed down through generations. Although there is no recorded evidence to support any of it, it’s worth mentioning in this post as follows:

It is said that David Phillip (Phillip) Selby was a knight living in a small castle in Cardiganshire, Wales.  He was obliged to support the King of England by sending men to fight when ordered.  The King requested the men and Shelby sent them to Ireland under command of his son Evan.

After the end of the campaign, Evan’s family was disgraced when he returned with an Irish, Roman Catholic bride.  His parents demanded that she be sent back to Ireland and the marriage be annulled. At that time, Protestants could be executed for marrying Catholics.

Evan refused.  He attempted to settle but everyone shunned him – including his parents.  As a result, Evan emigrated to America with his wife and children.

These circumstances are believed to be the reason Evan never named a son for his father Phillip. His mother was Margaretta Alexander and name ‘Margaret’ has been passed down through the descendants for generations.

Tombstone of Evan Dhu Shelby
Tombstone of a later namesake, Evan Dhu Shelby.


There is some dispute about whether the use of the nickname ‘Dhu’ is valid. The baptism record in Wales does not mention ‘Dhu’ at all. However, there are enough other secondary sources that do mention the nickname ‘Dhu’ that I prefer to keep it in my database until there is proof that it indeed was not used. Most of these are written record, but there is a tombstone of a later Evan Shelby for whom the nickname ‘Dhu’ is documented on his tombstone.

The baptism record is the argument used by detractors against the validity of this nickname, but it’s my experience being from a family of French origin where the use of nicknames were rampant, that the nicknames never appeared on birth and baptism records. The nickname only started appearing later when it was assigned by friends and family for a particular reason.

Photo by Aeronian at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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    do you have any information on Isaac shelby (born abt 1781 and died in IL in 1838) who is alleged to be the son of David, son of Rees Shelby and Mary Blair(?).

    If so, please reply. thank you!

    • Thomas Shelby

      Little is known about this David.

      He was born to Rees Shelby and Mary Blair? (my 6th great grandparents) about 1755 in Prince Georges Co, MD.

      We only know that his wife’s name was Eleanor, believed to married around 1782 in North Carolina.

    • Thomas Shelby

      Yes, Isaac was born about 1765, in South Carolina, and married ?? about 1790

      A “possible” child born in 1789 suggests that Isaac’s wife MAY have been named Barbara

      Look for Kentucky death records for Mary Grub d. 23 Mar 1856 Clay County

      I have not included this possible information in my tree as it is still unproven

  • cjblythe

    They did but I have no more information about this Isaac. He is not in our direct line, so I didn’t pursue this very hard.

  • Thomas Shelby

    THERE IS NO EVAN DHU SHELBY, only Evan Shelby

    Back around 1903 someone made application to the DAR and picked up the ‘dhu’ and used it in their application(s).

    The use of Dhu first appeared in an early book by Armstrong in which he provides no basis for the use. I suspect he picked it up by mistake from a poem by Alexander McLachlan “In memory of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, 1629 -1719”. This is a poem that pays tribute to a Scotsman who went by “Evan Dhu” http://www.scotland.com/forums/poets-corner/22981-death-evan-dhu.html
    Later Janet Schonert wrote a book “Chasin Shelbys” and continued using “dhu” as a middle name in error.

    ALL of the researchers who have made the pilgrimage to St. Carron’s church in Wales and have looked at the ACTUAL baptismal records of Evan Shelby(see below) have confirmed that Evan had NO middle name, further, other than the DAR, which has no basis for the use of dhu, Alexander’s mistake, and Schonert who has perpetuated it, no other researcher or author has found any evidence to support its’ use.

    The two premier Shelby authorities, Cass Knight Shelby, and Johnnie Mulinax Johnson, along with Shelby document historian Judith Trolinger have debunked the use of Dhu.

    Over the years I have tried to educate as many Shelby researchers with the facts, but once the cow is out of the barn….

    For you serious Shelby researchers here’s a partial list of Shelby research sources: (and yes, I’ve included those that use “dhu” ….sigh)

    1. Notable Southern Families, Armstrong, Zella, 1918, 273pgs


    2. A Report on the First Three Generations of the Shelby Family in the United States of America – by Shelby, Cass K.”, 1927, 26pgs


    3. Sketches of the Shelby, McDowell, Deaderick, Anderson families, Moon, Anna Mary, 1933, 150pgs

    4. The Shelby family: ancestry and descendants of John Shelby and his son David Shelby ; pioneers of Tennessee, Galloway, Howard S. 1964, 352pgs

    5. Chasin’ Shelby’s [sic] : a basic outline of the descendants of Jonathon, Jacob, Rees Shelby, Schonert, Janet D, 1971, 109pgs

    6. Our ancestors and kinsmen: the Shelbys, Polks, McLartys, Perkersons, Tarpleys, and Camps, Camp Max W. , 1976, 128pgs

    7. Our Shelbys, Johnson, Johnnie Mullinax, 1991, 209pgs

    8. Rees and Mary Shelby: ancestors & descendants, Johnson, Johnnie Mullinax, 1994, 510pgs
    (This book is THE Gold Standard, most exhaustive and best researched for Phillip Selby/Shelby’s line)


    From Judy Trolinger’s website:

    Quote :“I’m finding a lot of wrong data for the SHELBYs across the Internet – ESPECIALLY among the various databases that are now available. I’m also beginning to recognize a lot of my own research scattered through them-without me being mentioned–
    No telling at the moment just what all I’ll place here-but want to at least try and counteract the worst of the wrong ‘stuff’ -based on original documents.
    For instance-
    One database is claiming that Evan Shelby was a knight and the family left Wales in disgrace, and his wife was Catherine Morgan Davies
    Another has the right death time frame for Evan, but has him dying in Wales.
    No, Evan did not have a middle name of ‘Dhu’
    The National Library of Wales – 9 January 1978, from G. M. Griffiths, Keeper of Manuscripts and Records, to Miss Lois Wiley in Abingdon, VA:
    …”Your request for copies of entries from the tregaron parish register —
    1. 1720, 10bris 23, Evanus fil. Evani Shelby, bapt. fuit. (Please note that I have carefully checked the date, and that it is 1720, not 1719)
    2. 1728, May 5, Moses fil. evani Shelby bapt. fuit.
    28 Aug 2001–Ron Shelby sent a copy of the original Baptismal record for Evan Shelby Sr-found in the records in the National Library of Wales. Father’s name, Selby Phillip
    From Ron Shelby-Sept 2001
    “Selby was buried in the local church yard on 26 June, 1731, and his name is recorded as “Shelby Phillip” at this time. This is a very clear record..Unfortunately, the graveyard filled up early in the 19th century, and all the pre 1800 gravestones were removed.
    There appears to be no chance to find the exact burial site of Phillip or his headstone. So, while Philip is definitely Evan’s father, his own origin is still a mystery. The fact that he was buried as a “Shelby” by the village priest was a surprise to me.”
    Catherine, according to the original marriage record, was Catherina Morgan
    No, Evan and Catherine did not have a son James
    No, Evan and Catherine did not have a daughter Mary/Hannah married to Vincent Hobbs
    No, Evan and Catherine’s son John (Capt) did not marry Louisa Looney
    Not sure now if Evan and Catherine had a daughter Rachel-She may have been a niece-The original Bapt. record of St Caron’s Church in Tegaron, clearly shows the Rachel Shelby baptized 21 Oct 1721, was daughter of Ricei Shelby…There is no other Rachel Shelby given.
    No, Evan Shelby Jr did not die at Kings Meadow, TN -It didn’t become Kings Meadow until many years after Evan’s death.
    No, Evan Jr did not serve with or under Gen Braddock, in July 1755 – nor was he a Captain at this time — Work in progress
    No, Evan Jr and Letitia Cox did not have a daughter Rachel who married Michael Liggett
    Letitia Cox’s mother Susanna’s maiden name is unknown, it was not Davis/Davies – she was not a descendant of Princes Nicketti.

    The Will of Hugh Parker -1751
    I have wondered from time to time as to why a copy of the will of Hugh Parker was among “The Shelby Family” papers-but hadn’t followed up on it.
    While [recently] working on the Chronology for Evan Shelby, Jr and Letitia Cox, it came to my attention again. Hugh died unmarried, and I have found nothing in the way of a family connection-So it must be business.
    Hugh died closely to the time that Evan Sr did. Evan Sr’s wife Catherine and their son Evan Jr, handled his estate..The Ohio Company was filing lawsuits against the estate up to at least 1754-55, for debts owed.
    Will-3 June 1751, Hugh Parker of Frederick County in the Province of Maryland, Merchant… Everything was left to his 3 nephews [after debts, etc are paid]:
    John, William and Thomas Frohock “to share and share alike…I do make and Constitute my trusty and well beloved friend Col Thomas Cresap of Frederick County in the Province of Maryland and Mr Jeremiah Warden of the City of Philadelphia, merchant, my Executors of this my last will and Testament, dated 3 June 1751..Hugh Parker signs. Witnesses: Jarvis Hougham, Daniel Cresap, Nathan Wells (his mark) and Barny Curran.
    Carolina Cradle-Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747-1762, by Robert W. Ramsey, publ University of NC Press, Chapel Hill, 1964.
    p113- “…Hugh Parker, a wealthy merchant of Prince Georges (later Frederick) County, Maryland, and a key figure in the trading activities of the newly organized Ohio Company.
    Hugh Parker’s will is recorded in Maryland Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD… [No Shelby’s are mentioned]
    The Ohio Company: Its Inner History: Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1959, by Alfred P. James. The author incorrectly deciphered the name as “Trohock” [Note-this is the book in which I was able to pinpoint the date of Evan Shelby Sr’s death, and the references to the lawsuits against his estate]
    Drums in the Forest: The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, 1958, by Alfred Procter James and Charles Morse Stotz. [Includes maps and photos of Fort Pitt, and Forts of the French and Indian War…]
    The Ohio Company of Virginia and the Westward Movement, 1748-1792: A Chapter in the History of the Colonial Frontier: Glendale, Calif, by Arthur H Clark Co, 1939.
    Books are all available through interlibrary loan. You can also find out more about the Ohio Company on the Internet..

    Ezekial Cox married Sarah Rose, about 1749 in Maryland – Ezekial was brother to Susannah Cox who married Evan Shelby, Jr
    Ezekial and Sarah also had a daughter Susannah who married John McFarland, Jr, only child of Capt John McFarland and Rachel Shelby-Rachel later married Phillip Pindall/Pendell/Pindell.
    Jonathan Cox – Lease
    Washington County, Maryland – Land Records, F/339 26 Aug 1789:
    At request of Jonathan Cox the following lease was recorded this date, between Sara[sic] Cox, widow of Ezekial Cox of Washington County and State of Maryland of the first part and Jonathan Cox son of said Sarah Cox and of the said county and State of the other part.
    Witnesseth that I Sarah Cox for and in consideration of the yearly rent of fifteen pounds current money which on the part and behalf of the said Jonathan Cox his heirs and assigns are to be paid, kept, done and performed hath devised granted and get out by these presents doth devise grant and let unto the said Jonathan cox his heirs and assigns all my dower right of the plantation that I now dwell on lying and being in the county and State aforesaid togetherwith all the dwellings, houses, stables, out houses, inclosed grounds, and all previledges which I am or might be entittled to in virtue of my right of dower to have and to hold the said plantation and all and singular the premises hereby leased from the first day of April next ensing the date hereof for and during my natural life the yearly rent above mentioned…Sarah signs with her mark.
    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal..signed by David Cox, Daniel Cox [also sons of Ezekial and Sarah]

    “Sapling Grove”
    Cass Knight Shelby (CKS), 1947 MSS., p185
    “….John Buchanan sold the tract called “Sapling Grove” to Evan Shelby and Isaac Baker of Maryland after they arrived on the Holston early in 1771.
    Buchanan, however, gave the purchasers no deed to the property, since he had not then received a patent for it, nor was the patent issued until Dec 23 1779, after Buchanan had died. In the meantime both Baker and Shelby themselves died and it was not until 1796 that the former’s heirs got title to his half of the property and 2 Nov 1799 that Evan Shelby’s heirs were given a deed to his half, these two deeds being made out by the exc’s of William Preston, dec’d (for Shelby, see Washington Co, VA deed book #2 p223) William Preston was the exc for John Buchanan.

    Documents Relating to Colonial History of State of New Jersey Vol XXIV & Vol V 1762-1765. Call Pr & Publ Co 1902
    p530 [Newspaper abstract]
    Capt Evan Shelby obtained a Bond of me, the subscriber, for 1651 in the year 1761 and payable in the year 1763, which Bond have paid part, as appears by the Indorsements on the
    same, and the remainder have receipts for the Bond was perfected in MD; I have reason to apprehend he has already assigned it, either in NJ or PA. This therefore is to warn every person from taking any assignment on said Bond as I will not pay any part of it having as before observed, cancelled the whole. Signed Joseph Warford.

    Evan Shelby Jr’s burial place
    Shelby, McDowell, Deaderick Anderson Family’s by Anna M. Moon, p16:
    A letter to Judge Sam C. Heiskell from an old citizen of Bristol tells the following- “Abt 1870, 5th St, Bristol, TN was opened and it became necessary to remove the bodies in the cemetery adjoining the First Presb. Church. In this cemetery were the remains of Gen Evan Shelby. Interested parties removed the remains of their own dead, but Gen Shelby’s bones were taken up and placed in a common box and were locked up in the City Calaboose [jail] but a few steps away for safekeeping. Just how long they remined there I do not know.
    I was a boy of 13 years, and remember distinctly of having the skull in my hands. The bones were then reinterred in the East Hill Cemetery which is located in the State of VA & TN.
    Gen Shelby’s remains now sleep in the of old VA and his grave is now covered with the iron slab that was placed on his grave when 1st buried.”
    Letter written by Mr Charles H. Slack, in the 13 June 1925 issue of the Bristol News…CKS- 1947 MSS p189 includes the whole article…
    “Gen Shelby’s bones were transferred from the jail to the P. O. then the city cemetery in VA. Then in May 1896 with the Civic Ceremonys, laid to their final rest.”
    What is now Bristol, Sullivan County, TN – Letter dated Aug 1929 to CKS from Mr Thomas W Preston, President of the King Printing Company, whose plant stands on the north side of Shelby Street nearly opposite the Lutheran Church, said that the fireplug at the southwest corner of Shelby and Fifth is on the exact spot occupied by the original grave. This would place it near the northern line of his property.
    The cranberry iron slab that serves as a marker, was obtained from Colonel King’s iron works and is the same kind as was later placed on Kings grave. Both are coffin shaped. Shelby’s marker bears the inscription: “General Evan Shelby died December 4, 1794 aged 74” cut into the iron. The marker was transferred from the original grave to the new one in the military section of East Hill cemetery at its western end.
    Evan’s widow Isabella, remarried within five years to Alexander Droomgoole – they moved from “Sapling Grove” to Abingdon, VA “

    • Christine Blythe

      Thank you so much. I’ll check the books out for sure.

      Anything entered in my database that is not supported by a source is described as such. Where ‘family stories’ are unsubstantiated, they are identified as such. I clearly identify all my sources and unfortunately, if I have a document source, it takes precedence over word of mouth evidence that is anything but first party.

      I would love to see any documentary source that contradicts the information I’ve already sourced. The information I have that is not sourced and disagrees with the information you’ve provided will be changed.

      Thank you for your comments as they will serve as further reminders for my readers that some of this information is unsourced and may be erroneous. I would love to see any sources that exist that contradict the information I do have.

      I’m not sure if it was you who let me know about the ‘Dhu’ middle name a short while ago, but I have changed it in my main database (offline). It’ll be updated online as soon as I do an update. I’m actually trying to find new online database software because updating with this one is problematic as it changes the links and causes a lot of problems with search engines, etc.

      Hopefully, I’ll find something soon.

      Thanks again.

      • Thomas Shelby

        “I would love to see any documentary source that contradicts the information I’ve already sourced. The information I have that is not sourced and disagrees with the information you’ve provided will be changed.”

        How can I prove a negative ?

        There IS no document that supports/proves that Evan had “Dhu” as a middle name.

        On the other hand, Evan’s ACTUAL baptismal/christening documents at St. Caron’s church, transcribed in Judy Trolinger’s notes that I provided are indeed PROOF of his real name. (See posst by Jef SHELBY at Genforum and Ancestry as he too has inspected the ACTUAL documents from the 1700’s)

        What else can I provide?