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ObituaryI’ve stated several times in the past that my favorite genealogy source type is and probably always be the ‘will’. This is because the will is the one historical legal document that provides a great deal of detail and insight into the lives, families and circumstances of our ancestors.

Now, I will state that my next favorite source to use if the ‘obituary’.

Although not quite as detailed as the will, the obituary is usually written and provided by family members and includes life details, names, relationships, personal details, etc and possibly a photo. I am always overjoyed to see new wills and obituaries made available to genealogy researchers online – especially when they’re free. is in the process of having numerous obituaries indexed and upon completion these obituaries will be provided free on their site. Anyone interested in contributing to this indexing project can learn more from their blog posts, “2014: The Year of the Obituaries”, and “Obituary Arbitration in 6 Easy Steps.”

photo credit: Erika_Herzog via photopin cc


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  • Shirley M. Oakes

    I work for the local newspaper and have been gathering obituaries for a book I am compiling for the city. I would be interested in sharing these obituaries if you let me know how to do it.

    • Christine Blythe

      I would love that. My email address is christineblythe500’at’

      If you register on the site, I can set you up with edit and upload rights so you can share whatever you like.

      Or, you can email them to me and I can post them to the site

      Thank you so much,