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Genealogy News Bites to 12 Jun 2014

Following are the current genealogy news bites and headlines up to June 12, 2014.
Genealogy News Bites
Genealogy News Bites and Headlines Blog

Comments on Y-DNA and mtDNA Tests

As many of you know, we announced last week that we’re retiring our Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. Unfortunately, we didn’t explain clearly our rationale for our decision, which has led to confusion. We’d like to take this opportunity to share the thinking that went into our decision making process. Blog

Does This Make Angelina Jolie Kate Middleton’s Fairy Godmother?

While anxiously waiting for the release of the movie Maleficent (a “Sleeping Beauty” origin story about the malevolent fairy, in case you haven’t heard), film buffs have discovered that Elle Fanning has more in common with the character she portrays, Princess Aurora, than she may have thought. Fanning is actually the 22nd great-granddaughter of King Edward III, making her a long-lost princess. Her connection to King Edward III, who ruled from 1327-1377, makes Fanning of royal blood, a princess both on and off the big screen.

Library and Archives Canada

Newly Digitized Microfilms on the Héritage Portal

The following is a list of digitized microfilms that have been recently added to the Héritage website. Please note that the titles have been translated for convenience, the records are still in the language of origin. Searching in the original language will improve search results.

Library and Archives Canada releases an updated version of the Immigrants from China database

Last month was Asian Heritage Month, and the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) updated their database to include references to the C.I.9 certificates issued to people of Chinese origin born in Canada and wanting to leave Canada for a limited time without losing their Canadian status.

Find colour photos of Canadian Second World War soldiers

Did you know that Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has rare colour photographs from the Second World War? During that time period, colour film was a new and untested medium for most professional photographers. These images were captured on Kodak Kodachrome film by members of the Canadian Film and Photo Unit (CFPU) in the days and weeks following D-Day, on June 6, 1944.

UCSF News Services

Mexican Genetics Study Reveals Huge Variation in Ancestry

The genetic diversity of Mexican populations is reflected in the composition of chromosomes of mixed ancestry throughout Mexico. Three major Native American components are distributed across northern, central/southern, and southeastern regions of the …


Have Your Say: Revising the Digitization Strategy

In September 2007, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requested public input on a Draft Plan for Digitizing Archival Materials. Incorporating feedback from the public, NARA issued the Strategy for Digitizing Archival Materials for Public Access, 2007-2016 in May 2008. The strategy has served NARA well: the online catalog has over 2 million digital objects, the public has access to over 235 million images, and there were over 1.2 billion views of NARA content on Wikipedia in FY13.

The National Archives

Disturbing the ground: a Normandy landing

The plan of attack was to hit the long distance footpath, the GR 223, before lunch. If we could get out of Caen, the map promised us a glorious walk through the Normandy countryside. Even archivists sometimes have the need to shake the dust from their cardigans and get away from history. So much so, that I felt the ancient abbey marked in a field (doubtless a ruin) was not going to be worth a detour…

Sacramento Bee

Pa. county to create ancestry record search engine

The slowly fading pages kept at the Bucks County Courthouse chronicle one final act of charity by a Catholic saint and the 15-percent inheritance tax collected by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The last will and testament of St…

Olive Tree Genealogy

Honouring WW1 Soldiers – a New Website

A few of my remembered soldiers In January Olive Tree Genealogy was pleased to be asked to help beta test a new website Lives of the First World War. Lives of the First World War is one of the Imperial War Museum’s major centenary projects, which looks to uncover the life stories of the men and women who served Britain and the Commonwealth during the First World War…

Births of Children of slaves, 1804-1835 in New Jersey

An interesting database came online recently on the New Jersey State Archives website. It’s called Births of Children of slaves, 1804-1835  in New Jersey According to the website The records in this series are the direct result of “An act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery” passed by the New Jersey Legislature…

Who Do You Think You Are? Returns!

The fifth season of the American version of Who Do You Think You Are? begins July 23 on TLC  For those who aren’t familiar with Who Do You Think You Are? it is a genealogy show produced by Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky. The new season, which will also feature new journeys with Valerie Bertinelli, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kelsey Grammer, Cynthia Nixon, Rachel McAdams and her sister  Kayleen…


The Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy to Hold …

Dallas, Texas – June 12, 2014 – The Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) announced today that the fourth annual Forensic Genealogy Institute (FGI) will be held March 26-28, 2015, at the Wyndham …

ABC News

Smithsonian explores ancestry of Shriver family in DC

Smithsonian explores ancestry of Shriver family in D.C.. By The Associated Press. June 11, 2014 – 05:51 am. Email; Print. Decrease Increase Text size. WASHINGTON (AP) – Anthropologists from the Smithsonian have been analyzing the remains of 16 …

Slate Magazine Blog

One of New York’s Most Legendary Catholic Figures Was Also Jewish

A New York Times feature on new research into the geneaology of Cardinal John O’Connor, the New York City archbishop who died in 2000, makes the case that the influential Catholic figure’s mother was born Jewish—which, according to one tradition by …


Deeper Than, ‘EvoCor’ Searches for Gene Relationships

Our bodies are as vast as oceans and space, composed of a dizzying number of different types of cells. Exploration reaches far, yet the genes that make each cell and tissue unique have remained largely obscure. That’s changing…

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