Genealogy News Bites to June 3, 2014


genealogy news bites and headlines
Genealogy News Bites and Headlines

The following are the genealogy news bites and headlines to June 3, 2014.

FamilySearch Blog

RootsTech 2015 Now Accepting Presentation Proposals

The RootsTech Content Committee is now accepting dynamic presentations for RootsTech 2015 that inform and educate both those seeking to begin and those continuing to discover their family story through technology

15-Year-Old Organizes Unique Genealogy Event for Eagle Scout Project

Fifteen-year-old Hunter Boyer has chosen a unique Eagle Scout project to benefit the past, present and future on May 31, 2014 at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Boyer’s goal is to recruit enough volunteers to take photos of over 50,000 graves using the smartphone app BillionGraves

Family History Research Keeps Getting Easier!

FamilySearch will soon release a feature called “hinting.” With this powerful tool, the site will automatically search for records that match people in your family tree. When you go to an ancestor’s page we will show you what we have found just for that person amongst our vast collections of records

Great Web Tools for Searching Historic Newspapers

Countless millions of historic newspapers all over the world are now revealing their secrets as they are being digitally published online. And that means they are much more accessible to family historians—if they know where and how to find them

One Rhode Island Family

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques – A Book Review

I recently read a book about genealogical research that I highly recommend: Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques by George C. Morgan and Drew Smith (New York: McGraw Hill Education, 2014). I guess it’s no secret

The National Archivees

Politics, Egyptology and revolution

In May 1919, the British government decided to send a Special Mission headed by Lord Milner, Secretary of State for the Colonies, to investigate the causes of the 1919 Egyptian Blog

Don’t Miss Out: Enter For A Chance To Win Our Branch Out Contest!

t’s June which means another cycle of our Branch Out Contest! Enter for a chance to win some great prizes! The Grand Prize winner, upon confirmation of eligibility, will receive the following prize package

New Wisconsin State Research Guide

Happy belated 166th birthday, Wisconsin! You don’t look a day over 160. But you do have a rich and storied past. Home to a vibrant fur trade in the 1600s and 1700s, you drew the French, the British, and Native American tribes seeking an escape from the Iroquois Wars of the 17th century

Honoring the Dead: What Military Headstones Can Tell Us

Memorial Day is now observed in the United States on the last Monday in May. However, today (May 30) is the “traditional” holiday. In 1868, Maj. General John Logan declared that May 30 should be set aside as a day to decorate the graves of those who had died in the Civil War

6 Steps for Success in Working with Your AncestryDNA Matches

I’ve been working with my AncestryDNA results for a couple of years now with great success.  Here are six steps you can use to find success with your AncestryDNA matches as well

The Surprising Facts Oprah Winfrey Learned About Her DNA

Like many African Americans whose genealogy is difficult to trace beyond slavery, Oprah knew little about her ancestry. She was born in Mississippi and on a previous African American Lives program, had learned that an

Fold3 Blog

150th Anniversary (1864–2014) This Month in the Civil War: Battle of Cherbourg

June 19, 1864, saw the most famous Confederate raider, the CSS Alabama, sent to the bottom of the ocean after a battle with the USS Kearsarge off the coast of Cherbourg, France. After two years of disrupting U.S. shipping all over the world—and sinking a Union warship in 1863

Fashion Times

‘Maleficent’ Star Elle Fanning, Sister Dakota are Kate Middleton’s Cousins … – Fashion Times

Elle Fanning (Photo : Reuters) Genealogy experts found out that “Maleficent” star Elle Fanning and sister Dakota are direct descendants of England’s King Edward III and are related to British princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

How Genealogy Became Almost as Popular as Porn

Genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the U.S. after gardening, according to ABC News, and the second most visited category of websites, after pornography. It’s a billion-dollar industry that has spawned profitable

Free Genealogy Advisory Service in the National Library of Ireland …

The joint consortium of Eneclann and Ancestor Network are delighted to announce that they have been selected by the National Library of Ireland to enhance its provision of Summer genealogy services, following a

The Root

Are Slave Narratives Useful to My Family Tree Research?

Get your kin talking, pull out a digital voice recorder, and before you know it, you will have begun a collection of oral histories that will provide a gold mine of genealogy information for you and for future generations. It’s too bad we can’t debrief

Olive Tree Genealogy

Irish Lands Stolen By Oliver Cromwell

Do you have Irish ancestors? If the answer is “yes” then you will want to visit Irish Lands stolen by Oliver Cromwell Quoting from the website (Trinity College Dublin) Taken in the years 1656-1658, the Down Survey of Ireland is the first ever

Reading 16th Century English Records

Call me a geeky nerd but I love the challenge of old handwriting. This image on the left is the baptism record of my 11th great-grandmother Martha Barrett.  It took me awhile to find her on the page but by scrutinizing the handwriting of all entries I was eventually able to recognize her first name and the surname

Genealogy Musings

8th Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise

In March 2011 we ran our first history and genealogy cruise. After our third cruise in 2013 it was evident there was interest in more cruises and greater variety of destinations, cost, duration and cruise focus. In mid-2013 we

Library and Archives Canada

Release of an updated version of the Immigrants from China database

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, during which we acknowledge the long and rich history of Asian Canadians and their contributions to Canada. Asian Heritage Month also provides an opportunity for Canadians across the country to reflect on and celebrate the contributions of Canadians of Asian heritage to the growth and prosperity of Canada

A Tragic Voyage: 100 Years after the Sinking of the Empress of Ireland

On May 28, 1914, under the command of Captain Henry George Kendall, the Empress of Ireland set sail under clear skies from Québec City with 1,477 passengers and crew on board heading to Liverpool, England. The ship picked up mail at Rimouski and then continued on to the pilot station, Pointe-au-Père, where the pilot disembarked saying, “I don’t think you’ll run into much fog,” as he climbed down the rope ladder

Underwater Canada: A Researcher’s Brief Guide to Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks, both as historical events and artifacts, have sparked the imagination and an interest in the maritime heritage of Canada. The discovery of the War of 1812 wrecks Hamilton and Scourge, found in Lake Ontario in the 1970s, and the discovery of the Titanic in the 1980s, served to heighten public awareness of underwater archaeology and history

The National Archives Blog

Tales from the Special Operations Executive: Operation Remorse

It was ‘the biggest currency black market in history’,  a secret operation under the auspices of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), Britain’s Second World War clandestine warfare organisation. This was

The Ancestry Insider Adds Linking Tool to FamilySearch Collection

Amy Johnson Crow, spokesperson recently wrote about a new feature on the ability to link a record from an image-only collection to someone in your tree. They fly a bit under the radar, but both

Genealogy Insider

Your Comments Needed on New Standards for …

A committee of genetic genealogists and scientists have drafted ethical and usage standards for genetic genealogy research, and they’re asking for your feedback by June 15, 2014. You can download the Genetic Genealogy

Wales Online

Cardiff student is cycling across Europe tracing his ancestry in a bid to … – WalesOnline

A Cardiff student will be spending his summer cycling across Europe tracing his ancestry in a bid to raise funds for charity Unicef UK. Jacob Dirnhuber, 20, will be setting off from Vienna – where his great-grandfather was born – and riding more than 1

Discover Magazine Blog

Ancient Cave Skeleton Sheds Light on Early American Ancestry – Discover Magazine (blog)

Genetic studies have pointed to a Siberian ancestry for modern Native Americans. Most researchers believe the first Americans (Paleoamericans) migrated from northwest Asia via Beringia, the now-submerged land bridge between present-day Siberia and


Researchers develop DNA GPS tool to accurately trace geographical ancestry – Gizmag

The new tool models this process by looking at more than 100,000 DNA signatures, known as ancestry-informative markers (AIMs) that are typical to specific geographical regions. The GPS tool uses autosomal chromosomes for analysis rather than

Silicone Slopes

Ancestry scans DNA of 400000 people in geneology search

AncestyDNA,’s DNA database, provides users with a personalized genetic ethnicity estimate. Developed by a team of genetic and data scientists and released in May 2012, the test opens up a growing network for users of genetic cousins and

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