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Genealogy News Bites to March 28, 2014

Internet podcasts

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Amara is an online resource that gives individuals, communities, and larger organizations the power to overcome accessibility and language barriers for online videos.  This unique tool is simple to use, collaborative, and fun

National Archives (Great Britain)

Last autumn we put out a call to the higher education sector for research project proposals based on our research agenda, and received a fantastic response.  Proposals of the highest quality were received

Web Pro News

…there are plenty of ancestry sites that will help you locate the records you need. Most of these sites charge a subscription fee. The question is, are they worth the cost? If you plan on putting a lot of time and effort into your genealogy or family history Blog

DNA solved a 70-year-old question of whether Loraine Allison survived the Titanic crash. Many have wondered what happened to the two-year-old little girl Blog

For those who were not able to personally attend RootsTech 2014, we now have the video recorded present(ation)s of nineteen selected speakers posted online

Several new research classes have been added to the Learning Center on The new training includes courses in Swedish, Danish, and Czech research, as well as 8 Spanish language research courses

Fold3 Blog

Fold3 has digitized nine titles documenting hundreds of thousands of men who served in the New York National Guard (NYNG) and other New York regiments for conflicts from the Civil War to World War II

Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has a wealth of early sound recordings of pioneers in the arts on discs and wax cylinders. These recordings cover a range of themes, such as patriotic songs, jazz and dance from the 1920s, Québécois recordings

LAC is releasing its latest podcast episode, The Virtual Gramophone: Early Canadian Sound Recordings. LAC’s Virtual Gramophone is a multimedia website

Fort Howe images are now on Flickr. During the American Revolution, New Brunswick experienced continuous pressure from American forces including attacks

Discover a sampling of photos of the Indian Residential Schools of Alberta. The photos from other provinces and territories will be added to this first collection this summer

The following photographs are part of the Arctic Images from the Turn of the Twentieth Century exhibition presented at the National Gallery of Canada. Featuring material from Library and Archives Canada’s collections, the exhibition showcases rarely seen images

photo credit: Br3nda via photopin cc

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