Records of Radnor Monthly Meeting.

Genealogy Transcription: US Quaker Meeting Records of 1681-1935, pg 18.


The following is my transcription of page 18 of US Quaker Meeting Records of 1681-1935. Although it appears to be incomplete, it was fine for my purposes – information about John Bevan.


US, Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 - John Bevan
US, Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 – John Bevan

John Bevan, as this good man lived many years in Pennsylvania, I hope it will not be thought improper to use his name in a Collection of this kind, tho’ he was born and died in Wales, especially as the following memorial of him hath / I believe / never before been printed. It is a copy of an antient manuscript, the conclusion of which is wanting, but appears to be the testimony of some meeting in Wales concerning him ;
“Our deceased friend John Bevan the worthy subject of our testimony, having deserved to have his name transmitted to posterity for his holy life and conversation, the following account of him in all probability, will not only be a satisfaction to his friends, relations & acquaintance but a matter of edification & comfort to those that knew him not. He was born about 1646, and well descended, his parents died when he was very young, and left five children behind them, of whom he was the eldest. His father left him a considerable estate, but ll the rest were unprovided for, He therefore when he was come to age, his sister being dead before, portioned all his brothers and gave them a helpful subsistence in the world. In 1665, He married a religious woman. In some years often he was convinced of the blessed truth, as it is in Jesus, and the manner of it, as he himself hath left it in writing was thus.”
My wife, says he was religiously inclined in her young years, and zealously concerned to observe the ceremonies of the Church of England, and I believe / as she has often told me / she aimed sincerely therein at Gods glory, and the salvation of her immortal soul. After we were joined together in marriage which was in 1665, she continued very zealous in that way, but when a weighty concern came upon my mind for the wellbeing of my immortal soul, I saw it very needful for me to make a narrow search after the best way, and those people which performed that worship and service, that was acceptable before God, and being in a weighty frame of spirit, the people called Quakers came before the view of my mind, and hearing of a book of George Fox the younger, to be at a relations house, I was willing to go thither for it, and in the reading thereof, I was so well satisfied, tht I can truly say, that what I read then, an: ?wereth face in a glass ; but soon after I came home, my wife perceiving me to be more serious and weighty in my spirit than formerly, was jealous, I had an inclination towards that way, that the people called Quakers made profession of, and finding I had the said book, came up to the chamber where I was, and cautioned me not to be beguiled, and I in simplicity spoke to her in much brob?????? of heart, of the sense and satisfaction…


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