Historic Graveyard Tour of Fort Anne.

Historic Graveyard Tour at Fort Anne.

One of the best things we did on a trip we took to Nova Scotia a few years ago was to see the Graveyard Tour at Fort Anne.


Historic Graveyard Tour at Fort Anne.
Historic Graveyard Tour at Fort Anne (Click on the image to see it in full size.) The top image at right is of our son and daughter listening to the fascinating tales associated with the burials. The lower image (although difficult to make out in the dusk) is of our family gathered with the tour guide at Fort Anne prior to the tour.

This was during our long awaited driving tour of Acadian heritage sites in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.

The first stop we made in Nova Scotia was at a campground near Annapolis Royal and I spotted a ‘newspaper’ on the counter at check-in. It caught my eye because the top of the page showed a picture of a man with his name written underneath – ‘Alan Melanson’. This peaked my interest as Melanson is my mother’s maiden name and the Melansons are one of the pioneer families to settle in Acadia.

It seemed that Alan Melanson was the tour guide for the Graveyard Tour at Fort Anne, prompting Mark, the kids and I to check it out the next day. Once Alan arrived we got into a conversation about my Melanson family and how we are related to him.

In the image above, the tour guide holding the lantern at the gravestone is Alan Melanson, a distant cousin as we both descend from Charles ‘dit La Ramée’ Mellanson, one of the two sons of the founding couple of the Melanson family in Acadia.

The photos on this website were taken by a photographer snapping shots the evening we toured the old graveyard. He had asked permission to take pictures with the kids in them and we agreed in return for copies.

Later on, we found that Erin and Stu’s photos were on the Fort Anne Graveyard Tour’s website!

I took this image directly from the Fort Anne Graveyard Tour website, except that I captured the picture of the crowd in front of the fort building as it includes myself, my husband Mark and our two teenagers, Erin and Stuart. One of the images in the clip features Erin and Stuart under lamplight at the gravestone.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. Alan Melanson is an engaging and entertaining host, injecting humor and insight into his tour.

It’s not hard to imagine some of the colorful characters buried in this centuries old graveyard.