Bald's Leechbook

MRSA remedy: Looking to the past can solve problems of the present and future.

A surprising finding by Dr. Christina Lee of the University of Nottingham has been key to discovering that a medieval remedy used to treat eye infections has properties that could be useful today, as described in “AncientBiotics – a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs?”


Bald's Leechbook
Bald’s Leechbook

The recipe for this remedy existed in an old manuscript from Bald’s Leechbook in the British Library collection, and Dr. Lee, along with the help of University microbiologists, recreated the one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon recipe.

Curious about its possibilities as an antibacterial agent, the mixture was tested in Britain and the United States and it was discovered to have an amazing effect on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), possibly one of the worst examples of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that modern health services are currently battling – at great cost.

The above-mentioned article goes into much greater detail about those involved and the processes used during this study, and its findings, as well as a great video.