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My top 6 genealogy resolutions for the New Year of 2014.

New Year Reslutions

Today marks the new year, as well as my fifteenth year researching our family’s genealogy.

To mark this new year, I have decided to create a LIST of New Years resolutions I’d like to complete. And believe me, after all this time, there’s a lot that needs doing.

  1. Make a ‘New Year’ backup on an external hard drive large enough to contain all my genealogy data and files, including software I use (free and paid), genealogy software data files, images, documents, etc. to safeguard against eventual damage and corruption to DVD’s or CD’s.
  2. Optimize all images over 1 MB to increase my website’s page speed, and hopefully revenue – and decrease bandwidth used for downloads by site users.
  3. FINALLY add media and sources collected and saved, but not yet connected to relevant individuals, events and places in my genealogy database, and believe me, there are tons!
  4. Transcribe source images and input the text into the source citation and post on the website.
  5. Create ‘bios’ from website posts and attach to relevant individuals in my genealogy database.
  6. Do more genealogy research into mystery people and those with few, poor quality sources.

As I looked over this list, I realized it’s a lot like housework. You can work your butt off to complete tasks and return later only to find much of it needs redoing. Once I get through the genealogy list and start working on number ‘6’, I’m just creating more work and will have to start from the beginning again next New Year.

A fifties' child, mom, wife, avid genealogy researcher, web contributor and author/owner of four blogs including Empty Nest Ancestry, Feathering the Empty Nest Nest, Top Web Blog Tips, Job Bully, and our extensive family genealogy database site at Blythe Genealogy.


  • Barbara Schmidt

    I like all 6 of them but no. 3 and no. 5 in particular. I have a “today in my family tree section” on my blog and noted in my database the day I blogged about a person but never thought of really linking the actual blogpost. That is a great idea, thank you!
    And good luck with your “goals”

    • Christine Blythe

      Too true, eh? (Can you tell I’m Canadian?) I’m constantly thinking of these things on and off as ‘I shoulds’, but seeing them in writing is mindboggling. Where do I start?