Culture,  Documents,  Family Genealogies,  Helpful Information,  Location,  Records,  Sources,  Stories,  Tips,  Tips,  Tools,  Tools creates a portal for black and slave research. ” src=”” alt=” ” width=”250″ height=”230″ /> is working to raise $50,000 via an Indiegogo campaign for conversion their online portal into a site where subscribers will be able to research the names of their black slave ancestors. They’re planning for a June 2013 launch date.

The site will be searchable using keywords to find documents for viewing online or downloading. It will also be possible for participants to contribute to a researchers’ social network, as well as purchase products related to genealogy. At present, Our Black Ancestry has more than 70,000 unique visitors annually and hosts a thriving Facebook community.

The collection will be made possible through submission of existing documents by descendants of several families who held slaves. An outside company has agreed to provide digitization and scanning services, as well as other data including slave schedules, censuses and family trees.

Although there are numerous avenues for general genealogy research, the options available for research into black and slave ancestry have been lacking at best. The majority of the documents that would greatly assist in this area of research are privately held and can only be made available through individual, private agreements.

Anyone holding documents and images that would be of value for those researching their black ancestry are invited to contact [email protected].

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