Thousands of photos from Washington and Oregon are now indexed and available.

This is the kind of news I love to hear. More records are being made available to genealogists and researchers – in this case photos from Washington and Oregon! In all my thirteen years researching genealogy, both for myself and others, I’ve found that there is no feeling like that of discovering long lost photos …

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Partnerships in Genealogy are Expanding our Research Horizons

The newest partnership is that of and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. This partnership will make over seven million birth, marriage and death records available through the Pennsylvania Vital Records Collection on . These records will span 300 years between 1593 and 1908. The newest records to join the collection are: Pennsylvania, Births, …

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Family Search Admins Needed for Facebook and Skype

FamilySearch recently expanded their reach by implementing both Skype group chats and Facebook pages, each of which is dedicated to a country, or to a US state. Considering these 59 online communities enable a broader reach from and to the local Family History Centers, they have been managed by volunteers experienced in genealogy. Each community …

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“Vintage Eyes” Need Help Investigating Vintage Love

Vintage eyes can’t stop me from pursuing a passion for genealogy, stemming from a real interest in family history, and nostalgia and wonder from discovering those long lost photos, family stories, etc. Finding old correspondence between husbands and wives (i.e. David Coon, a civil war soldier and casualty) is eye-opening. Seeing such correspondence and knowing …

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“Finding Your Roots” to Air on PBS

The ever-growing obsession with genealogy and researching one’s roots is becoming more and more apparent in all aspects of our lives. Just turn on the television, open a magazine or newspaper, or join into any conversation and you’ll find it won’t be long before genealogy in some form will be a topic of note. On …

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New ‘Goodies’ from for 2012

What a nice Christmas present! has announced twelve new things for our genealogical enjoyment. I intend to check them all out one by one as they come available. And they are… More Record Collections 1940 US federal census – Of course, we’ve been hearing about this for quite a while now, but it’s actually …

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This is one of my four blogs:

I'm a wife and mother, with a wonderful husband and two great 'kids' who are now young adults, and we live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada - in the great city of Chilliwack, to be exact (one hour from Vancouver).Empty Nest Ancestry is a website designed to make all of my genealogy research available to others at no charge. I'd like nothing better than to promote this as a free exchange of information for all genealogy researchers.It is important to keep in mind as you explore this site that I make no guarantees. My entire body of research is here, including speculations and unsubstantiated information. All information is only as good as the sources cited. Any speculations are clearly stated along with my reasons for them.


My family's genealogy is mostly French and French Canadian. Originating in France, both my father's and mother's branches were original settlers in Canada.My father's family immigrated from France to Quebec sometime in the 17th century, with my father's family living mostly around Beauce and Lac Megantic.My mother's family immigrated from France to Nova Scotia on the ship 'Satisfaction' under command of Peter Butler and in company of Sir Thomas Temple in 1657. These original settlers along the Atlantic became known as l'Acadie (the Acadians). My mother's maiden name is Melanson and she is directly descended from Pierre (dit Laverdure) and Priscilla Mellanson, who are on record in London with their children prior to making the crossing.


Mark's family's genealogy is varied and fascinating, including Welsh, French, British, Swedish, Danish, Canadian, Spanish, and numerous others.On his father's side it includes Welsh Quakers who immigrated to America at the time of and some with William Penn. From these Welsh Quakers is his family's royal connections with several of his multiple great grandparents having been Kings and Queens of England. As a result of the royal lineage, his family is linked to every nation that ever married into the British royal family.On his mother's side is Swedish and Danish ancestry as his great-grandparents immigrated to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's from Sweden. Shortly after, they settled in Saskatchewan, Canada as a result of the promise of free workable land on the Canadian prairie.


My Blythe genealogy database is part of this site and is easily accessed through the upper menu. This is where all specific data, relationships, images, documents and sources are available for free download. Don't leave this site without exploring it first. There is true treasure there.Weave all of this together with sometimes humorous, scandalous and completely fascinating stories of ancestral family members and you have this site.