Transcription: Coon family reunion article; “The Newark Advocate” of August 21, 1937.

Utica, Ohio

Article regarding the Coon family reunion in “The Newark Advocate” of August 21, 1937.   Coon Reunion. The 12th annual Coon reunion was held in ”Roadside park” Utica, Sunday, with 38 relatives and friends present. During the business meeting, in charge of the president, Fred Cullison, the following officers were elected for the coming year: …

After omitting details of Ben Affleck’s slave-owning ancestor, ‘Finding Your Roots’ is suspended by PBS | The Washington Post

‘Finding Your Roots’ is suspended by PBS.

When Ben Affleck volunteered to be featured on the PBS genealogy program “Finding Your Roots” last year, he was hoping to find “the roots of his family’s interest in social justice.” Researchers did turn up plenty for the actor-cum-activist to be pleased about: a mother who was a member of the Freedom Riders, an ancestor … and Updates and Additions to 25 Jun 2015.

most recent and Updates and Additions to May 22, 2015.

The following are the most recent and Updates and Additions to 25 Jun 2015.   FamilySearch Updates and Additions Brazil Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2014 Brazil, São Paulo, Immigration Cards, 1902-1980 France France, Finistère, Quimper et Léon Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1772-1863 Ireland Ireland, Petty Sessions Court Registers, 1828-1912 Italy Italy, Pesaro e …

Modern human possibly had Neanderthal ‘great-great-grandparent.’

Lower jaw indicates close relationship to neanderthal ancestor.

One of the earliest modern humans in Europe had a surprisingly recent Neanderthal ancestor, revealing the two species likely interbred there, according to a new study. The Neanderthal relative was so close to the modern human on the family tree that it could have been the equivalent of a great-great-grandparent, the research suggests. The finding …

Buried in France for 70 years, World War II bracelet returned to N.J. family |

Testa bracelet found at Normandy site.

At some point after Peter Testa landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day during World War II, the sterling silver identification bracelet he’d been wearing around his wrist came off. However, with a little luck and help from researchers, the bracelet that had been buried for more than 70 years in France has found …

DNA: The best hard drive on earth.

DNA hard drive.

It turns out DNA is the best storage medium there is on Earth. Nothing beats it. Think about it, all the directions that make you up are stored on tiny proteins that are hard to see even with a microscope. The human genome (all of those directions controlling your eye color, hair color, height, skin) …

Transcription: The Bec or Beke lineage.

Coat of Arms of the Bec or Beke lineage.

The following is my transcription of the Bec or Beke lineage including the Barons Beke of Eresby, as recorded in “A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire.”   […] BEC OR BEKE — BARONS BEKE OF ERESCY. By Writ of Summons, dated 23 Jun, 1295. LINEAGE Walter Bec, Lord of Eresby, co. Lincoln, m. Agnes, dau. And heiress of Hugh, the son of Pinco, and had issue, I.    Hugh, who d.s.p. In his return from the Holy …