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Civil War era homes selling.

“On most days, Sherry Grim lives in an 1817 Colonial-style home outside of Gettysburg, Pa., with her husband, Mark. On some days, however, she lives there with Mark’s alter ego, Civil War Maj. Gen. John Hartranft. About 10 times a year, Mr. Grim, a 63-year-old retired Marine Corps officer, dons Union military regalia to host … and Updates and Additions to 15 Jul 2015. and Updates and Additions to 15 Jul 2015.

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How Texas is whitewashing Civil War history. | The Washington Post

Civil war history in texas school curriculum.

THIS FALL, Texas schools will teach students that Moses played a bigger role in inspiring the Constitution than slavery did in starting the Civil War. The Lone Star State’s new social studies textbooks, deliberately written to play down slavery’s role in Southern history, do not threaten only Texans — they pose a danger to schoolchildren …

Oh, the difference one letter can make when using copied or transcribed documents!

Copying and transcription errors.

This joke is the best illustration I’ve ever seen of the negative effects of working from copied documents instead of originals. This should be on display in every library, archive and genealogy center as a reminder of the perils awaiting. This is something I think about every time I do a transcription, and this type … and Updates and Additions to 25 Jun 2015.

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Buried in France for 70 years, World War II bracelet returned to N.J. family |

Testa bracelet found at Normandy site.

At some point after Peter Testa landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day during World War II, the sterling silver identification bracelet he’d been wearing around his wrist came off. However, with a little luck and help from researchers, the bracelet that had been buried for more than 70 years in France has found …