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RootsMagic users to soon be able to search directly via hints.

Well, it’s finally happening folks! and RootsMagic are teaming up, setting the stage for RootsMagic users to soon be able to search directly via hints.


RootsMagic users to soon be able to search directly via hints.

This is a brand new announcement and as eager as we may be to get to use the new features it’s going to be several months before the updates are implemented in RootsMagic.

According to RootsMagic, the estimated date of the release of the update with the new features is toward the end of 2016.

Up to this point, I’ve been in the habit of using RootsMagic and Family Tree Maker in tandem in order to make use of the hints leading to databases and information.

Although it has worked for me, it has been very slow and cumbersome because I have to constantly create gedcoms in RootsMagic for importation into Family Tree Maker to keep it updated.

I have taken a close look at other software programs but none seems to measure up – not offering some of the key features that have long been available in RootsMagic.

This will have a huge impact on my research and the time it takes.

It will be an absolute treat to be able to access information and databases through hints in RootsMagic software.

I can’t wait!