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How to get, keep, and use a smart cell phone absolutely free!?

I recently acquired, and keep and continue to use a smart cell phone absolutely FREE!

Samsung Galaxy SIII smart cell phone absolutely FREEConsidering how important immediate access to all my data, online information, subscriptions and websites are, I felt this was important for others with my extreme interest in (obsession with?) genealogy and family tree research. This entire set up allows me to use everything except texting absolutely free. I’m sure there’s an app for text messaging as well, but since I rarely use it, I couldn’t be bothered looking.

I didn’t have this cell phone three days ago, but fortuitous circumstances for me (if not for my daughter) enabled me to get this phone for free.

Erin using my Samsung Galaxy SIII smart cell phone absolutely FREEIn this case, my daughter works for a cell phone provider and was working with a customer a couple of days ago only to discover just after he left that he had taken her cell phone. The HORROR! This was a brand new contract and she’d only had the phone for a couple of months.

She immediately notified store security and they started scanning video. In the meantime she called us to ‘vent’. And boy, did she vent! I can totally understand her anger and frustration. There is nothing like the unsettling feeling of being violated when someone steals something from us!

The end result of our conversation was that she decided to upgrade to the next model of phone and continue having the theft of her old one investigated. Within the hour she had a new phone, and as soon as I heard, I asked, “If you do manage to get the other phone back, I’d like to have it, please.”

Barely an hour later, we got a call from Erin telling us they had found the dastardly thief. He was an older gentleman who had the exact same phone as her and had grabbed hers by accident. Once his error was discovered, he immediately called the store to tell security and in very short order the phone was returned. The poor guy must have been mortified, because it was actually his wife who came in to return the phone – and she couldn’t apologize enough.

So, now Erin had both phones, and the next day she showed up to give me my lovely new phone.

Magic Jack plugin, smart cell phone absolutely FREEI had no intention of signing on with a provider. I didn’t need it as a phone as I had recently bought the Magic Jack. After all, I never leave the house, so what did I need a cell phone for? The only thing was, there are certain advantages to having a cell phone when you’re a blogger, and they include:

  • Access to one’s blog and posts when away from home.
  • Remote posting.
  • Immediate and regular access for spontaneous ‘picture taking’.
  • Easy ‘sending’, ‘attaching’ and ‘editing’ of images via Instagram and cell phone apps.
  • The ability to monitor and participate in social media at all times.

With the ability to connect through our wireless internet, I knew I would be able to do everything I needed except make telephone calls – or so I thought.

Once I had that lovely little phone in my eager hands, I had a blast playing around with the settings and apps. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a Magic Jack app.

It couldn’t be!

Could I actually be able to use my cell phone on Magic Jack for free?

Within seconds, I had the app set up and made a telephone call to my darlin’ husband sitting across the room from me.

It worked!

It was at this moment I realized that it is possible to have full use of a cell phone and its functions for absolutely nothing!

Believe me, you could do it too.

Canada is notorious for its overpriced cell phone services and strong arm tactics with long contracts and exorbitant fees. Recently our government implemented new regulations meant to reduce the ability of cell phone providers to use these tactics, only for the cell phone providers to immediately announce rate hikes across the board.

Such is life… and therefore the reason for my glee at setting up my own cell phone for free.

photo credit: samsungtomorrow via photopin cc
photo credit: freephotos70 via photopin cc