Transcription: Obituary for Ira Cadwallader

The following is my transcription of the obituary for Ira Cadwallader. IRA CADWALLADER Ira Cadwallader, 70, prominent farmer of the Danville community, died at his home there Sunday about 1 A. M. He had lived his entire life in that neighborhood. He was a member of the Danville Church of Christ, serving for many years

Tragic gas poisoning deaths of Daniel and Isabella McDougall.

Deaths by gas poisoning of Daniel and Isabella McDougall tragically caused by their daughter, Agnes.

I have found myself fascinated by the stories of the trials, tribulations and tragedies of our ancestors, and this story about the deaths by gas poisoning of Daniel and Isabella McDougall tragically caused by their daughter, Agnes is no exception. Sometimes I wonder if I was born too late as my disability, though hidden from others,

Jeremiah Williams: Who are his real parents?

Who are Jeremiah Williams' true parents?

My entries for Jeremiah Williams on the Blythe Genealogy website and database have turned out to be one of those situations where I had erroneous information for his parents. As is my usual practice, I had found references to Joseph Williams and Lydia Olney in personal correspondence and online trees. Since these are notoriously inaccurate,

Mrs. Victor Murdock – Washington Post, March 28, 1915.

Portrait and short profile of Mrs. Victor Murdock in The Washington Post issue of March 28, 1915. Text transcription: WIFE OF WELL-KNOWN STATESMAN, LONG PROMINENT IN CONGRESSIONAL CIRCLES MRS. VICTOR MURDOCK During the ten years of her husband’s service in Congress as a representative from Kansas, she has been a notable figure in society. ____________________

Transcripton – Obituary for Aurèle Perreault.

The following is my detailed transcription of the obituary for Aurèle Perreault. PERREAULT, Aurèle Au Centre hospitalier de St-Georges, le 17 novembere 1990, à l’âge de 71 ans et 11 mois est décédé Aurèle Perreault époux de Yvette Turmel. Il demeurait à Vallée-Jonction. Il laisse dans le deuil, outre son épouse, ses en- (there is

Transcription: Jaques Family Bible

Jaques Births; Jaques Family Bible

Following is my transcription of the image of the Jaques Family Bible.   FAMILY RECORD MARRIAGE IS HONORABLE IN ALL. Births Parents Harvey Samuel Jaques was born in Butler County Ohio. September 5th 1834. married Sept. 23, 1862. Martha Jane Stout was born in Franklin County Indiana. July 10th 1840. The Stout farm was in

Transcription: News article re John Lambert Cadwalader

John Lambert Cadwallader

John Lambert Cadwalader, Collector of the Port of Philadelphia: Chester Times article, Race for Deputy Collector, Chester, Pennsylvania, About August, 1885, Col. 3   RACE FOR DEPUTY COLLECTOR ———— The Efforts Being Made to Secure Samuel Lyon’s Position in this City President Cleveland last week appointed John Cadwalader as Collector of the Port of Philadelphia,