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Transcription: List or Manifest of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission

Manifest of Alien Passengers

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission

The following is my transcription of the  ” List or Manifest of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission ” at the port of Eastport, Idaho, as required by the US Department of Labor, Immigration Service.

There was a wide variety of passengers of the surnames Gordon, Gumeson, Schroder, Wiese, Ireland, Renouf, Kulpas, Sprague, Hall, McLean, Smith, Peterson, Sheldon, Sims, Bremer, Hobbs, Skotkoske, McMicking, Orthner, and Laycock.

Ages ranged from 2 to 63. All immigrants were beyond primary school years are noted as able to read and write. All were Canadian citizens, but originality or race included Irish, Scandinavian, German, English, French, Finnish, and Scotch. US destinations included Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho.

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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR           T    
 INDEXED         Required by the regulations of Secretary of Labor of the United States
 A to K ?                
Sheet No. 21 L to Z ?     567      PORT OF EASTPORT, IDAHO.    
1234567 8910 1112 13
No. or List.NAME IN FULLAgeSexMarried or SingleCalling or OccupationAble to – Nationality. (Country of which citizen or subject.)Race or People.Last Permanent ResidenceThe name and complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came.Final Destination 
Family NameGiven NameYrs.Mos.Read.Write.Country.City or Town.State.City or Town.
1GordonJames19MSFarm Lab.YesYesCanadaIrishCanadaJennerBrother, Alex Gordon, Jenner AltaOrePortlandNone
2GumesonHerman37MSFarmerScandCabriBro. August Gumeson, Cabri, SaskUSA
3SchroderJulius52MMHotel KeeperGermanWetaskiwinInniSfail, Alta.Germany
5WieseMary63FMHusb. Fred Wiese, Prussia, Sask.Wash.RitzvilleRussia
6IrelandGeorge55MSFarmerEnglishCarlisleBro. E. Ireland, Carlisle, Ont.SelahNone
7RenoufReginald Francis29MSHallFrenchEdmontonAunt. Mrs. A. Baker, Edmonton, Alta.Walla WallaEngland
8KulpasGus30MSFarmerFinnishBaronsCousin, Antone Kulpas, Barons, Alta.SpokaneRussia
9SpragueWinfield J.40MSFarmerEnglishGlenbogie, Sask.NoneLeahyUSA
11HallSirge Craig27MSFarmerIrishImperialMother, Ida May Hall,Imperial, Sask.Spokane
12McLeanRichard Norton24MS??? ??ScotchMedicine HatBro. Melville McLean, Foremost, Alta.Calif.San JoseNone
13SmithAlbert31MSFarm LabEnglishCalgaryBro. Alfred Smith, Manchester, EnglandCalif.San FranciscoEngland
14PetersonChristian61MMFarmerScandCurlewDaughter, Mrs. A. Haigel, Curlew, Alta.Calif.FresnoDenmark
15PetersonHannah42FMNone“ “
16PetersonHazel14FS“ “None
17PetersonPauline10FS“ “
18PetersonWarren8MSNoNo“ “
19SheldonAllan Eggleston23MSFarmerYesYesEnglishKimiemuir (sp?), AltaFather, Oliver C. Sheldon, Kimiemuir, AltaIdaWin????USA
20SimsElmer33MMClergymanScotchStoney PlainBro. Bert Sims, Stoney Plain, Alta.Reubens
21SimsMae26FMNoneEnglish“ “
22SimsViola7FSScotch“ “None
23SimsSylvia5FSNoNo“ “
24SimsInez2FS“ “
25BremerWilliam Henry29MSFarmerYesYesGermanCarmangay, AltaNoneKendrick, USAUSA
26HobbsClarence28MSIrishHeart Lake, Alta“ “Twin Falls
27ScotkoskeEdward28MMGermanLeducWife,Martha Schotkoske, Leduc, AltaOreWilliametteRussia
28McMickingFred44MWdScotchEber, AltaBro. Wm.McMicking, Stanford, Ont.PortlandNone
  Above Daur. File 11316 -o Gen. A. 36. Noted 11/14/36       
29OrthnerEdward31MSGermanRaymoreBrother, Carl Orthner, Raymore, Sask.Austr?
30LaycockJames P.50MMEnglishRussell, ManWetwyn, Sask.None
26NOT USED                
30“Race o Pelple” is to be determined by the stock from wich aliens sprang and the language they speak. List of races will be found on back of this sheet.     
    CLASS E.’          

Transcription: New England Marriages Prior to 1700; Bull-Bullard; page 116

Transcription: New England Marriages Prior to 1700; Bull-Bullard; page 116

New England Marriages Prior to 1700116


BULL, Henry & 2/wf Esther/Hester ALLEN (1648-1676); [14 Feb 1664/5?], 1665/6?; Sandwich/Providence
BULL, Henry (1610-1694) & 3/wf Ann (CLAYTON?) EASTON (-1708, ae 80), w Nicholas; 28 Mar 1677; Portsmouth, RI
BULL, Henry (—1691 +/-) & Anne [COLE] (1661-1704); b 1687; N. Kingston, Rl
BULL, Isaac & Sarah PARKER; 22 Jun 1653; Boston?/Worcester
BULL, Isaac (-1716) & 1/wf _?_; b 1682; Newport
BULL, Jirah (1638-1684 +/-) & ?EIizabeth _?__; b 1659, Newport/Kingston, RI
BULL, Jirah (1659-1709) & 1/wf Godsgift [ARNOLD] (1658-23 Apr 1691); b 1682; Newport
BULL, Jirah & 2/wf Sarah [BOWDlTCH]; aft 23 Apr 1691; Newport
BULL, John & Mary [BAXTER?] (1640-1728); b 1663, 1658?; Boston
BULL, John (-1721) & 1/wf Mary PITTS (-1696); 21 Nov 1672; Hingham
BULL, John (1653-1703?) & Sarah __?_, ?m/2 William BUSHNELL 1705; in Eng?, b 1679(80?); Saybrook
BULL, John & Mary WOODWARD; 21 Apr 1692; Boston
BULL, John (-1720) & 2/wf Margaret DAMON (1676-); 4 Mar 1696/7; Hingham
BULL, John (-1705) & Esther ROYCE, Hartford, CT; 23 Nov 1698; Farmington, CT/Deerfield
BULL, John (-1700) & Mary CLAY (1671-), m/2 Nicholas MASON 1701; b 1700; Guilford, CT/Saybrook, CT
BULL, Jonathan (-1702, ae 53) & Sarah WHITING, m/2 John HAMLIN; 19 Mar 1684/5; Hartford
BULL, Joseph & 1/wf Sarah MANNING (1646-), Carrbridge; 11 Apr 1671; Hartford
BULL, Joseph (-1712) & 2/wf Hannah/Anna [HUMPHREY] (1669-), m/2 Joseph COLLIER; ca 1691?, ca 1697?, bef 14 Apr 1697; Windsor, CT/Hartford/Deerfield
BULL, Joseph & Sarah SEARLE; 26 Nov 1699; Marblehead
BULL, Robert & Phebe JOSE?; ca 15 Dec 1649; Saybrook, CT
BULL, Robert & 2/wf Sarah (RUSCO) [COLE], w Henry; b 1679; ?WalIingford, CT
BULL, SamueI & Elizabeth GODDIN; 23 Jan 1700, 1699/1700; Cambridge
BULL, Samuel & Elizabeth [WALKER] (1674-); b 1701?; Woodbury
BULL, Thomas (1610-1684) & Susanna _?__ (1610-1680); in Eng, b 1635, b 1644; Hartford/Deerfield
BULL, Thomas (-1708) & 1/wf Esther COWLES (-1691, ae 42); 29 Apr 1669, ?20 Apr; Farmington, CT
BULL, Thomas (-1708) & 2/wf Mary (CHEEVER) LEWIS (1640-1728), w William; ?4 Dec 1692, 13 Jan 1691/2, 13 Jan 1691; Farmington, CT
BULL, William (-1688) & Blithe/Blythe _?__ (1618-1690); b 1644; Cambridge
BULL, William & 1/wf Abiah PERRY; 3 Jan 1673, [1673/4]; Watertown
BULL, William & 2/wf Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, w Joseph; 13 Sep 1693, 13 Nov; Watertown
BULLARD, Richard & Elizabeth INGRAHAM; 4 Aug 1647
BULLARD, Augustine & Hannah (RIDDEN) DYER, w Henry; 12 Oct 1693; Dover, NH
BULLARD, Benjamin (?1634-1689) & 1/wf Martha PIDGE; 5 Apr 1659; Dedham/Sherborn/Medfield
BULLARD, Benjamin (?1634—1689), Medfield (m/3? Sarah__?_) & 2/wf Elizabeth ELLIS/ELLICE,
m/2 John HILL 1698?; 1 May 1677 (15 Apr 1690 wid Eliz son Samuel) (7 Apr 1691 wid Sarah, son Samuel; Billerica/Sherbom
BULLARD, George (1608-1689) & 1/wf Margaret __?_ (-Feb 1640); ca 1630/39?; Watertown
BULLARD, George (1606-1689) & 2/wf Beatrice [HALL] (-1652); aft Feb 1640, b 1642?, b 20 Jun 1640; \Natertown/Dedham
BULLARD, George (1608-1689) & 3/wf Mary (?RlCHARDS) MAPLEHEAD (-1684+), wid; Apr 1655, 18 Apr, 20 Apr, 30? Apr; Watertown
BULLARD, George (1608-1689) & 4/wf Jane (LISHAM) ELLIS/ELSE, w Roger; 2 May 1672; Charlestown
BULLARD, Isaac (-1676) 8 Ann (BURNAP) WIGHT, w John, m/3 David JONES, Sr. 1685; 11 Apr 1655; Dedham
BULLARD, John (1601-1678) & 1/wf Magdalen _?_ (-1661); b 1639, b 1634; Dedham
BULLARD, John (1601-1678) & 2/wf Ellen [DICKERMAN], w Thomas; aft 29 Nov 1661; Medfield
BULLARD, John (-1668) & [Hannah JONES]; b 1664; Dedham
BULLARD, John (1669-) 6 1/wf Margaret _?_; ca 1692/1700?; Dedham

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