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There is Now More to Search for the Military Researcher

military researcherMilitary Researcher?

Rejoice! More News!

I have made an effort to make this site as much an informational newsletter as a site that features my own adventures in genealogical and historical research. As part of that effort, I have and will provide updates from various genealogy research sites and resources about changes that may include additions to existing records and tools to assist us all.

The newest tidbit is that Genes Reunited is releasing numerous military records, which include:

  • Distinguished Conduct Medals
  • National Roll of the Great War
  • De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour
  • Royal Marine Medal Roll
  • Paddington Rifles (1860-1912)
  • Worldwide Army Index of 1861
  • Royal Fusiliers Collection (1863-1905)
  • Surrey Recruitment Registers (1908-1933)
  • Army Roll of Honour (1939-1945)

If you have a loved one who is busily searching military records for their own research, a subscription to Genes Reunited would make a great Christmas gift!

photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert